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Hello Again Porcupines! I wanted to announce that on May 11th, 2006 I joined the ranks of the Frontline Troops fighting for Liberty and Freedom in the Live Free or Die State! I spent several weeks in a motel with a rental car touring the state and attending as many events as I possibly could. Recently I made the decision to hang my gunleather in Allenstown, a quiet little town about halfway between Concord and Manchester. Just yesterday we had a full day of festivities with the Merrimack Valley Porcupine's Monthly Meeting in Manchester and then moving a fellow Porcupine into his newly constructed home in the Pembroke area. Today Bob Schulz (We The People Foundation - held the second of his many nationwide tour stops in Concord at the New Hampshire Technical Institute. Constitutional Attorney Mark Lane was there also and Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear showed up in his awesome colonial outfit! I can't encourage you enough to do whatever it takes to get rid of your old life, whatever and wherever it may have been, and move ASAP to the Free State! We have such an incredible and inspiring group here already with more arriving every few days! You will never regret making the decision to move ASAP and once you are here you will wonder why you waited this long... I know I did! I did want to share the calendar that many of us use to keep all these events and happenings in order. Please visit to see what you are missing and why we need all the reinforcements we can get.
Rob Jacobs - FSP Member 105, 12 years ago.

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