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Dave - of course, MPs spend a fair amount of time away from their constituencies on relevant fact-finding missions. But I would argue that normally they are in constant contact with their staff back in their constituency so they are still aware of what's going on. Given that the Guardian could find absolutely no way of getting hold of GG last Friday, I would consider this a dereliction of duty towards his constituents. (Maybe this is not confined to his spell in the BB house but a general complaint about his lack of interest in constituency affairs...but still, BB can be a hook to hang this criticism on!)

This isn't a fact-finding mission (which is anyway relevant work) nor a holiday (which, in any case, GG could take in the long summer recess or any other time) - it is, as you say, truancy from his duties as a serving MP. And I certainly agree that I would like more skiving MPs to be caught out.
Hana Loftus, 13 years ago.

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