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I'd like to make it clear that I don't buy the "constituency clinic" argument. Anne Robinson (who apparently finds GG "charming") said on Andrew Marr's show yeterday that other MPs spend longer than 3 weeks out of the country on fact-finding missions. And she's right. Nor do I begrudge MPs the right to take holidays out of the country. There is often a delay between an MP being approached by a constituent and his or her reply (if any). That is just a fact of life.

My objection to GG's appearance on Big Brother is based solely on his non-attendance in the House, which is only excusable (in my view) by more pressing public interest commitments (such as fact-finding, sitting on committees, answering constituents, or ministerial duties). This is truancy, pure and simple, and if this criticism catches on, I hope it can be used as a wedge to place pressure on other skiving MPs.
Dave Weeden, 13 years ago.

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