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Hana, I'm seriously thinking of signing as I largely agree that GG is in contravention of the clauses of the code you mention. However, I have doubts insofar as he seems to (sincerely, or as close as he gets) believe that he is acting in the interest of the country (by publicising his anti-war message); and in the public interest (because he thinks -- wrongly in my view -- that more young people voted on BB than in the election; therefore he's showing them real democracy). He also isn't gaining material benefits for any individuals (not counting Hamas). I'm pretty sure than merely appearing on BB beaks the "Members shall at all times conduct themselves ..." clause. That seems the most subjective objection and I don't know how much impact a letter I wrote based on that alone would have.

NB my objection to GG's appearance isn't based on a particular animus against the man himself, but because I believe that MPs -- like teachers-- get long enough holidays as it is, and anyone who spends time away had better have a bloody good reason. And that goes for all MPs who don't vote as often as they might. (Far too many.)

No forget all that, I'll sign.
Dave Weeden, 13 years ago.

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