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I work in IT, and from this perspective alone, is enough reason to cancel this idea!

The ID card scheme is going to be very expensive (at least 2-3 times more than quoted), will probably not work as the government says it will, but more importantly, society is not yet ready to handle the implications of a government owning our identities...

The idea of your ID being known is fairly easy to handle (i.e. the phone book). However, the ID card takes this concept to a new dimension. As individuals we need to be sure we can protect our information, it cannot be stolen or interferred with by anyone other than ourselves, plus the sharing of this information across government & non-government agencies must be enshrined in law. Does the £10Bn implementation cost cover this? I think not...

Why have this card the? A reason given is prevention of Terrorism. Yes this is evil, yet humans have a track record of killing each other.. sadly this will continue long after I have departed this planet, I dont see providing an ID card will reduce significantly my chances of dying via Terrorism.. i would rather see the £10Bn used to relieve poverty, improve education and reduce the numbers of the disenchanted being sent into the terrorists arms...
Chris Cooper, 12 years ago.

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