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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “WHDdance”

"I will choreograph a group dance for World Hoop Day but only if 12 hoop groups will dance and video it on 10 October 2010."

— Tink in Tokyo

Deadline to sign up by: 9th October 2010
14 people signed up (2 over target)

More details
Wouldn't it be fun to do a hoop dance that other hoopers around the planet were also dancing? Think global, dance local!

World Hoop Day on October 10th is the perfect excuse. You can use the dance, suitable for enthusiastic beginners, as a group performance piece in your World Hoop Day event or dance it with friends in the park or be a group of one and perform it all by yourself.

Video your performance and submit it to be edited into a montage of all the dances. Submission details will be shared later.

The first section of the dance is here, with more to come soon, if pledges are made!

More information:
World Hoop Day
WHD Choreography info:

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  • Thanks for your support! I am looking forward to finishing the dance choreography soon. I hope you'll have fun dancing it!
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Tink in Tokyo, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Spin Matsuri 2010
  • Wendy Bryan
  • Noora
  • Annie O'Keeffe
  • TieDyeQueen Karen
  • Nirtana Goodma
  • Moregank
  • Laura Scarborough
  • Deryn French
  • Stina Sparkle
  • beth lavinder
  • Lyndsay Clarkson
  • Renae / PHX Hoopers
  • Snickals

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