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Pledge “Sportclubpatrons”

"I will become the patron of a London community sports club. I will work with the club over the years as the Olympics approaches in 2012 to support their development and raise their profile but only if 100 other public figures in London will join me in supporting other clubs."

— Tony Blair

Deadline to sign up by: 25th July 2006
109 people signed up (9 over target)

Country: United Kingdom
Place: London (view map)

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  • In case you are wondering, this pledge is not a hoax. We have been in touch with the No10 staff and we can confirm that both Mr Blair and Mr Livingstone's signatures are genuine.
  • How wonderful that Mr Blair thinks it is important to get people interested in sports. However, it would look more genuinely altruistic if he hadn't spent the last 9 years selling off school playing fields for development into private housing. I am aware that this is not an initiative that he started, but he gladly continued it.

    Also, if he really wanted to get people interested in the Olympics and sports, he might consider making it easier for our athletes to get there by providing financial help for them.
    Natasha Long, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • This year's Budget did include funding for the Olympics:
  • Finally. How long have our athletes had to struggle to find the funds to get them to the games?

    Only now that we're hosting the Olympics do our political "leaders" think it necessary to help them out. To me it looks like just another example of style over substance. If Mr Blair really wanted to make a difference, he might try supporting community sports centres in his own constituency. I'm sure they would appreciate the interest.
    Natasha Long, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Why does Tony Blair need to use pledgebank?
    If he wants public figures to do this, he just needs to ring them up and ask them, this is just shameless self publicity, he could have done this as soon as the olympics was won in the summer, but instead chooses to in the run up to the elections.
    Sam Hayes, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Yeah, but it's good publicity for PledgeBank too innit? And most of the other pledges aren't quite so politician friendly.

    Mind you, the track record for sticking to pledges, even ones made in manifestos, isn't that great for Tony is it?
  • What a lot of cynics on this page! I hope all of you cynical at the PM's wholly altruistic motives are making pledges yourselves, and will of course apologise publically and in full if your comments about support and funding turn out to be misguided or indeed just ignorant of what has already been announced publicly & put in place! Honestly- you try to do something good in this country and all you get is abuse from whingey armchair critics. It'll never work if nobody engages with it! Would you rather the PM didn't bother?
    si, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • What like the PM has apologised "publically and in full" about the life peerages for party donations, you mean? Mr "you get/keep me in office and I'll get you into the House of Lords" Bliar. In the highly unlikely event that Mr Blair does ANYTHING that is purely beneficial to this country - that doesn't in some way also benefit him or his big business buddies personally - then yes a full and public apology from me will be forthcoming. I would recommend that you don't hold your breath though.
    Natasha Long, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Perhaps Mr Blair and Mr Livingstone would like to volunteer to help one of the local football teams that play on Hackney Marshes? The teams need all the help they can get in finding new pitches for the 2012 season when the Marshes are concreted over and become the Olympic car park.
    Chris Hartley, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • si, if his motives were purely altruistic then he wouldn't need to have a pledge, this is an attempt to improve his image to get votes so he can cling on to office for as long as possible. And why should anyone apologise when he tries to bring this country close to a dictatorship with virtually every law he brings in (Legislatory and Reform, ID Cards,The Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act)
    And when he refuses to apologise for lying to the country.
    Yes, I would rather the PM didn't bother, because if I were a member of a sport club that he became a patron of, I would leave it, and the same goes for Livingstone and Jowell (don't know about the other two, I've never heard of them)
    I would rather that he stepped down and let anyone with a bit more sense and a lot more honest take over.
    I do intend to set up my own pledge and they will be purely altruistic, unlike Blair's.
    P.S. si, I find it hard to believe that you still swallow all his (insert expletive here) after so long, you're either easily fooled, a diehard Blairite(some say they're one and the same), or the mastermind behind this whole thing (come on, TB couldn't set this up himself), so which is it?
    Sam Hayes, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I plan to honour my pledge by building a website for the club and promoting them heavily via grass-roots PR. I am open to approaches from any club involved in any kind of sport, but they must be willing to understand that we will be playing a new game with new rules; my rules. I would require my adopted team to wear orange jumpsuits as their uniform *and* play while wearing iron shackles on their legs and bags over their heads. The training programme will be rigorous... it will push local, national and international laws to their limits and - when nobody's looking - it will go way beyond these petty constraints. Of course, officially, all training will be by the book. For example... no-one will actually drown as a result; they will merely enjoy the repeated sensation of drowning... but rest assured that - despite such niceties - the road ahead will be long and hard (much like the lubricated broomsticks I will be using to punish the team when they fail to deliver the required results).
  • I'm quite happy to sign up although I'm not entirely clear what counts as a public figure.

    I expect that being a Peer of the Realm would do, in which I suppose you could arrange it.

    Just a couple of questions - would I need to see Lord Levy first? And what denominations would you prefer?
  • Now now. There's no need to be deeply nasty and cynical about that nice Mr Blair. I'm sure that this is merely altruism in the name of a good cause, it definately can't be a cheap publicity stunt.

    It is also good publicity for Pledgebank.

    Tim; not in London, not signing, but if you want a hand with the website side of things, you know how to contact me...
  • Young hearts filled with enthusiasm.
    Brave young athletes standing proud for our country.
    We must give them all the encouragement
    they need.
    They will win by just competing,for they will be our best.
    Their best will be enough for us.
    So run young olympians run, we will not hold you back.
    Dont slow to look for us,for we shall be there beside you all the way.
    You are the future be proud to hold our standard high.
    As we pass the baton to you,you can say to your children, you were proud to be there.
    Just do your best,your very best,for
    Queen (or King)and country.

    This is not about politics,this is about encouraging our young to participate in the greatest event, this country of ours has seen, in a very long time.
    We must not overshadow the great achievement of winning these games,with
    bickering,winging and whining.
    This pledge belongs to our young.
    Positive comments,for positive young people please.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Any member of the sports club I patronise who is unable to fulfil their "responsibility" as a "good citizen" by identifying themselves on a daily basis through the use of biometric data will be ejected from the club.

    And then reported to the police to see if they can't be arrested under the Terrorism Act.
  • "This is not about politics..."

    Yeah, right. Tony was just cruising around Teh Interwebs, found PledgeBank and thought; "You know, perhaps today I shall try to make a difference in people's lives..."
  • Urban foxhunting count?
  • > This is not about politics


    So its a complete coincidence that:

    (a) this pledge appeared on the very day that Blair was launching Labour's local election campaign

    (b) every single council seat in London is up for grabs, and

    (c) if Labour take a hammering at these elections, it is likely to massively increase the pressure on Blair to name the day and resign as PM from within the party.
  • Edmund, you've confused this simple soul. Do you want our athletes to stand or run? I know that the good book says that the race is not always to the swift; but it never goes to the one who stands there, heart filled with enthusiasm or clogged with chip fat.

    "They will win by just competing..." Clearly you didn't watch Steve Ovett's commentary during the Commonwealth Games. He just happens to know what he's talking about.

    Alas, I can't sign either. Not in London, and I'm in a sports club already. As I'm doing something positive, and I'm not in an armchair, I intend to fully exercise to right to call this yet another cynical PR stunt by a cynical PR-infatuated politician.
  • Tony Blair's pledge is welcomed. It seems pretty sincere and one that in East London we should embrace. I'm sure all members of the board of SCORE - a fantastic community multi sports facility next door to the site of the Olympics in East London would welcome having the Prime Minister on board as a patron. As a member of the local community in Waltham Forest and a member of the SCORE board, Mr Blair's input and support could help to ensure that the run up to the Olympics and the legacy post Olympics generates skills development,employment opportunities, econonmic prosperity, improved health and social care for communities such as ours in Waltham Forest. Come aboard Tony our sports facility would welcome your support.
  • The athletes have won when they are selected to compete and represent our great country.Medals are a bonus.In the spirit of the games, to compete is the honor.Now come on Dave leave this pledge alone. This is the chance for pledgebank to show its worth.The kids of the inner cities deserve this high profile support.If you want to have a blast at Tony Blair look for his website.Now who knows Branson,Sugar,Green,and the rest, sign them up. Think of this as Britains Live aid. We could all end up united under one banner.SPORT.
    This pledge belongs to our young people. Positive comments for positive young people.Please.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • So stop whining.

    And if we want to reach out to Tony Blair... it's not as easy as it is for someone who works for his PR team, let me assure you.
  • Talking of positive young people, wouldn't the Olympics cash be better spent on tackling the HIV epidemic in Africa rather than on grown men and women running around in circles and throwing things?
  • The money this country has spent on winning the bid to host the Olympics, alone, could have seriously alleviated the disease and water problems faced by Africa. And still have enough left over to give our athletes proper financial support! The Olympics don't bring glory to the country that hosts them, just the country that wins the most medals, and as we've only recently begun financially supporting our athletes, I expect them to be thin on the ground as in previous years.

    PS. Some of my Greek friends reckon their great-grandchildren will be paying off the debts incurred in hosting the games. If the PM really cared about the country, he would have spent that money in a much more sensible and ethical way.
    Natasha Long, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Edmund:

    >>>The kids of the inner cities deserve this high profile support.

    But it not the 'kids of the inner cities' its the kids of one inner city - London.

    While the Olympics may have been awarded to London, the last time I looked the team we enter will be a British team, so where's the call for high profile patrons for sports clubs in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast, etc.

    Heaven forbid that public figures should - gasp - have to get up off their overpaid, overvalued and overprivileged arses and venture out into the uncultured wilds past the ring of the M25.

    This isn't patronage, just plain old patronising.
  • Heaven forbid there should be a pledge about london on a london website. There are some sour, sad people on this website.
    Booboo, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Ha ha ha ha!
    I give this particular pledge about 24 hours before the apparatchiks get it excised.
    Ben Harding, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I can't wait to see what work Tony's doing for the clubs in 2011 when he's long past being PM and doesn't need any more publicity.
  • Tim.

    It is very easy to speak to Tony Blair on his website.
    This pledge belongs to the children of London.
    We do need to start support groups in other towns and cities but thats up to someone else.Maybe Sir paul or sir Tom.
    Tony Blair works and lives in London and I think it may be pointless to support
    a centre in Manchester.
    I dont know what do you think?
    I know we already do a lot for Africa.I know a lot will never be enough.Maybe a kind politician can give you some facts.
    Look you guys We need some names,big names,does anybody know BRANSON.
    3years ago we spoke to Nick Ferrari on a radio show asking Virgins Richard Branson to send a plane load of medical equipment to Iraq.
    2weeks later front page news.Hes got loads of time and dosh....
    Phillip green,mega bucks why not give some back to your customers?or your future customers?
    Alan Sugar if you dont sign up in 30 days YOUR FIRED..
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • The rest of you these are cheap shots.
    You know the P.M. wont answer you.Children are reading this pledge.So keep it clean,please.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • The children! Will no one think of the children?

    Dave Lambert, and come to think of it, Edmund. One word: Sedgefield.

    Five more: do you need a map?
  • Absolutely right Edmund, we don't want the poor little innocent children seeing nasty things said about nice old Mr Blair.
    Apart from the fact that young children are very unlikely to visit this site, how is it reasonable to suggest that children shouldn't see people bickering or whining?
    By that reasoning I reckon we should move the watershed back to 6pm, we don't want the poor little kiddies to tune in to the 6'o clock news and hear about all the people Blair has sent to their deaths in Iraq, we don't want them to see nasty people shouting at each other in the house of commons now do we?
    I think what we want these children to see is educated, reasoned debate, something this government has done its best to stifle, and why should they not see it on this pledge, but when you call every criticism of Blair bickering, whinging or whining I doubt we're gonna see that from you.
    Yeah, fair enough, sports clubs getting promoted is a good thing, but
    Do you agree that the timing of the pledge makes its motives highly suspicious?
    Do you think that Blair is likely to fulfill this pledge?
    Sam Hayes, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Sam.

    Yes children are visiting this pledge,thats the idea to get them involved,it gets them off the streets and into the parks and sports centres.
    These children look up to high profile
    celebs.Sam if you want to debate with Tony Blair about the liberation of Iraq
    then go to the Downing street website.
    If you want to kill this pledge, keep up the negative comments.Who will lose in the end.The Sports centres and the rest of us.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Edmund, everything you say confuses me. You wanted children to compete and run by standing proud. Now you think children are visiting this pledge because being on the internet gets them into the parks and sports centres.

    "Tony Blair works and lives in London ..." Not in Sedgefield then?

    I thought Live Aid was Britain's Live Aid. And if you've forgotten, it didn't solve anything. It didn't unite the country (we all agreed that starving babies were a very bad thing; but the damage done by the Tories vs the miners didn't heal).

    I don't want to end up united with people under a banner. If I'm united with anyone, I want it to be because we agree on several fundamental policies. I remember a political programme on TV years ago which discovered both Ken Clarke and John Prescott in Ronnie Scott's jazz club. You could say that they were united by music -- but they didn't see it that way.

    Finally, Edmund, you haven't signed up yourself.
  • DAVE.

    Last thing.Why dont you sacrifice some time for this pledge?I think you could contact some V.I.P.s by email.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Edmund, a child who goes onto the internet is very unlikely to visit this website, their favourite websites are usually games websites, or the website of their football club. The point of this pledge is not to get kids to read it but to get them involved when a public figure is a patron of a local sports club, and the likes of Tony Blair and Ken Livingstone are very unlikely to attract children, if David Beckham or Thierry Henry signed it might get a few children on this site but not many. I bet the majority of children under 11 (in inner city london at least) don't even know what Tony Blair's job is. If they know who he is in the first place.
    Furthermore, negative comments will not "kill this pledge", most of the people who look at a pledge don't read the comments anyway, and even if they did, most of the people who visit won't be public figures and will have no interest in the pledge anyway, apart from perhaps to note, "oh, what a nice guy Tony is", which I maintain is the primary objective of this pledge.
    If a public figure really wants to do something good like this, no amount of negative comments will put them off, maybe it will discourage the half-hearted ones, the ones who will give up after a couple of years, potentially disappointing or disheartening the kids so maybe it's better that they are discouraged.

    Now "Who will lose in the end.The Sports centres and the rest of us." No, if the sports centres could survive on their own, they should be fine and with all the extra funding they've been promised they should go from strength to strength. Personally I think the chance of appearing in the olympics should be motivation enough, if they need a celebrity to make them participate then their heart isn't really in it and they won't have a hope of appearing in the games. As the host country gets a competitor in every sport whether they are any good or not, your assertion that "The athletes have won when they are selected to compete and represent our great country." will not be affected by the success or failure of this pledge.

    "if you want to debate with Tony Blair about the liberation of Iraq
    then go to the Downing street website."
    Well, I doubt that Tony Blair actually has anything to do with the downing street website, and you are unlikely to get a debate about any government policy there, everthing is spun out of recognition.

    The thing is this pledge is the result of a political act, Tony Blair freely admits he can do little more than turn on a computer. Tony Blair did not come up with this idea, he had probably never heard of pledgebank until the pledge was created.
    I imagine that while coming up with ideas for the local election campaign, there was a brainwave, "as most of the elections are in london, lets launch with a speech about the legacy of the olympics, about making london the best city in the world" and someone else mentioned pledgebank, and the rest is history. In short, Tony Blair did not come up with this idea, a labour party member/employee did, purely to improve Blair's image, that makes this pledge a political act and the perfect platform for a little political debate.

    Any more thoughts on those questions I asked you?
    Sam Hayes, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • After monitoring this comment thread for a few days we've started deleting comments that are getting both libellous and off topic.

    I hardly have to point out that PledgeBank is strictly non-partisan, but we support all our users ambitions to have the best possible chance of making their pledges succeed.

    mySociety may be all about running democractic sites, but we've no qualms whatsover about being autocratic in moderation policies to keep the sites running smoothly. After it got wildly conspiratorial we closed comments on the No2ID pledge, on their request.

    Please stay polite and on topic or we'll close this thread - especially those of you who are successful bloggers and who ought to know better than to de facto comment spam other sites.

    Tom Steinberg
  • I don't know if this wil stay on or not but here goes,

    I would be making these comments if David Cameron or any other senior political figure, (particularly if they were PM or a minister) had made this pledge.

    This pledge will probably bring some good, however:
    FACT: Blair knows or has at least met many public figures.
    FACT:Blair can contact any public figure.
    Therefore Blair does not need to use pledgebank to acheive the stated goals of this pledge.

    The only conclusion that I can draw from this is that this pledge has another purpose alongside its stated goals, I propose that this purpose is to improve Tony Blair's image and create publicity for Labour's election campaign.

    I do not object to the stated goals of this pledge.
    I object to the way it has been done, and that is the last I will say on the subject.
    Sam Hayes, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I'm afraid I stand firm on the PM's pledge. I don't vote Labour nationally, but Iraq is nothing to do with this, neither is the peerages nonsense, although the reaction to them is telling. In the former, the average of 20,000 deaths per year for 20 years was halted and replaced by 30,00 deaths in 3 years, in the latter, 7 Tory donors have had peerages in the lastest round so, under the cash for peerages theory, Blair rewards Tory donors (bear in mind there were only ever 4 Labour donors). So, one theory's illogical even using information in the sensational newspaper reports, and the bile generated towards Blair for choosing war over genocide (not peace, & don't forget Kofi Annan, Russia, Germany and France were getting money from the Iraqi regime so that ruled out diplomacy) thereby saving 30,000 lives in the last 3 years spills over into criticising his efforts to pledge support for domestic sport. As for the idea he's doing it for votes, he is going to step down before the next election so that idea makes exactly no sense.
    At least with more people going to university, fewer people will believe the nonsense they read in the newspapers and educate themselves about what's really happening. I say we reward politician's good behaviour, and don't let ignorant cynicism, rather than rational skepticism, ruin something positive. If this was a famous film actor, everyone would be supportive, yet actors only pretend to be heroes and their story is very much 'spun'. I don't vote for Blair. I don't like his squeeze on civil liberties (neither does his wife, actually) but in regard of what he's being criticised for here he's either totally blameless or a real-life hero who's saved many lives. We just won't see it as such until he's played in a film by George Clooney.
    si, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Si,

    Apart from the fact that you're way off topic with most of your latest post (considering Tom Steinberg's comments) Blair could have easily done this another way, which leads to my accusations of publicity mongering. He may not be in office much longer, but I am sure he doesn't want to be remembered chiefly for a legally questionable war. Anyway, back to the issue. If he helps one sports club, then he will have done a little bit of good, but as the PM, it is his job to do a lot of good, and he has demonstrably not done this. A last minute act of apparent altruism will not change the public perception of him, and will certainly not change mine. Also, I find it odd that so far only one London MP has signed up. You'd think that Tony would give his boys and girls a heads up and tell them that getting involved would really boost their popularity in the run up to the local elections. Or maybe he's just hoping that he won't get the required amount of pledges and won't have to see it through. I wonder.

    And FYI; My information is taken from a variety of sources. It is knowledge, rather than ignorance that fuels my cynicism. You only have to look around.
    Natasha Long, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Sure, bloggers ought to know better. Actually, what got my goat was the 'public figures' part. Is Pledgebank actually a club for a self-selecting elite? How are we to know if we're 'public figures' or not?

    In the absence of a definition, and to make a point, I've decided that I am also a public figure. And if the pledge makes it to its target, I'll do my bit to support a sports club, being fairly physically active myself. That's if they want me, obviously.

    Tony didn't have to pick something elitist, of course. How about 'cycling to work' or 'not taking foreign holidays that involve air travel'?
  • Is the Prime Minister making a stand against individual initiative? Does he not believe that people can make their own decisions without the support of other people?
    Dubois, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Sam.

    Sorry but my answers were deleted by Tom.I dont know why? Anyway..
    I said..What if David Cameron was the Prime minister.He supported the bid,flew all over the world,and tipped the balance in our favour.Would you be
    asking the same off topic questions of
    him.Remember the conservatives voted with Tony Blair to go to war.Cameron would be a hero.So why not Tony Blair..
    Last point Sam.This is the sort of thing a Prime minister should be doing anyway.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • si,
    Lets not get into peerages or Iraq (although I would dispite your figures

    "As for the idea he's doing it for votes, he is going to step down before the next election so that idea makes exactly no sense. "

    Is Blair going to step down before the elections? Really? Brilliant, I mean its only a few weeks now, 4th May 2006 isn't it. Oh, you meant the next general election. What about the elections this May, what about the elections next May, what about the elections in 2008 and 2009, Blair will probably still be in power for all these, Labour will be standing in all these elections, and Blair will be encouraging people to vote Labour, I am arguing that this pledge has an alterior motive, namely to give people a good impression of Blair and Labour, to encourage them to vote Labour.

    "If this was a famous film actor, everyone would be supportive, yet actors only pretend to be heroes and their story is very much 'spun'."

    Firstly, show me a pledge like this made by a famous film actor then and I'll go make comments on it.
    An actor wouldn't and has no reason to do something like this, they pick up their very large paycheck, go on a few chatshows to promote and thats it, they don't need to spin an image. Actors do help and give money to charities but they don't make a song and dance about it to try and get people to see their latest film.
    But thats not your point, you made a bad analogy but thats no crime, you are making an appeal for consistency, fair enough.

    The impression I get from reading that though is that you agree with me, that you are saying 'Ok, Blair is using this to generate publicity, but don't make negative comments about it because other people do it too'
    If that was what you meant or were implying, then it is very poor reasoning, on a par with primary school children (don't punish me miss, coz everyone else is being naughty as well).
    Using that type of logic I could say "Jack the Ripper killed prostitutes and got away with it, so if I kill prostitutes I shouldn't go to prison" Do you agree with that type of argument?

    Edmund, I did read your comment as I get email alerts and I briefly answered it in my last comment.

    "Cameron would be a hero" really? Tony Blair was a hero to many people once in 1997. But I would never consider a politician a hero, especially not David Cameron, who at best is a slighty more bearable alternative to Blair, but otherwise uses exactly the same tactics that I dislike.
    The reason I am making negative comments about this pledge has nothing to do with my thoughts on Blairs policies, and everything to do with him using this supposedly non partisan site to further his political agenda.

    "This is the sort of thing a Prime minister should be doing anyway."
    Well, I could argue this is the sort of thing a london MP or councillor should be doing. Fair enough this is a good thing, I've said that about 3 times now.

    My concerns are:
    Q:Why now? A:The elections.
    Q:Why here? A:The elections.

    si, Edmund and anyone who supports the pledge:

    I laid out my argument concisely and clearly in my last comment (00:03 Tuesday 11th April). If you disagree with my reasoning, the conclusions I have drawn or have a different alterior motive that is more plausible, please tell me.

    If you can persuade me that I am wrong, I would be happy to apologise and might even sign up myself.

    The pattern of replies has mainly been to stress the good this pledge will do, and more recently to plead for Blair to be fairly treated, I think both those are completely irrelevant to my argument.
    Sam Hayes, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • O.k.Sam this is your answer.

    3000 pledgers have just signed the no2id site.
    Do you really think Tonys guys are so you not think they would know they would be hung out to dry by hard nose pledgers?
    Do you really think these spin doctors thought they would influence the type of people who read and contribute to pledgebank?They know there are no votes to be had on pledgbank.Even if pledgers saw Tony blair walking on water they would say he is standing on Gordon Brown swimming below the surface.So is it all worth maybe 30 votes?
    Next question why now?
    Your answer the elections.
    So Tony blair sits up in bed and says to cheri. Darling I know how to win the elections there must be 30 votes on pledgebank for the taking.Lets get there before Cameron..
    Or does he say 10 years of growth record breaking premiership maybe I should look forward to ending my record breaking run in 4 years time with a worthwhile pledge.
    Something to help the youth of today.
    Something to give them hope and encouragement for the future.
    Now I could make 100 Ive got an offer you cant refuse phone calls or lets take the first 100 high profilers and see who we get.Tony next time just make the calls..
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • okay if he has such a great record on the economy i agree the economy has improved but not because of him , but because of market forces . Because contrary to popular belief Ken clark gave gordon brown a brilliant hand and it was his not Brown's idea to make the bank of england independant . Yet despite this We have a massive debt because of the amount of borrowing has had, and one of the highest taxers in europe. Gordon brown sees a thing and has it's favourite hobbies it for those who think that government should be in people's lives if it moves tax it .

    Gordon brown dislikes the middle classes and this is why he constantly taxes them . yet we are paying more taxes , we have a massive debt and the economy is slowing down it's improvement with the amount we pay we would expect better public and private services but no this isn't the case . Are transport system is still the laughing stock of all developed countries , are NHS is becoming an overbloated cash cow , where people go in sick and become sicker through MRSA , millions of hospitals have to little beds , thousand are in the red and some have been closed and yet this is when we have paid the most into the NHS . Education , education , Education , we have some of the easiest gcse's in the world i know as a fact for someone who is gcse's and is going over past papers last year you just have to get 25% to get a C. Teachers can't tell off a student , for fear of a telling off at the state .

    Finally this government according to a person who is 30 years older than me is the most interfering government he has ever know whether through taxes , speed camera's , national databases , DNA taken of people who didn't realise they were on the DNA database , can't wear a hat in a pub , yet you can completely pissed and cause damage in a pub , we have supposedly " voluntary id cards " , the curb of freedom of speech through the religious hate laws and being made to eat folic acid even if we dont want to.

    Thankyou tony you've shown me big government doesn't work . It's like the great ronald reagan once said this is government's approach if it moves tax it , if If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

    Government alot of the time isn't the solution it's the problem.
    stephen hoffman, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Edmund,

    "Do you really think Tonys guys are so you not think they would know they would be hung out to dry by hard nose pledgers?"

    A lot of people visit pledgebank, of many different political persuasions, thats why they try to be non-partisan.
    Yeah, there are a lot of pledges against government policies, but that is because there is no point making a pledge for the government, 'I will comply fully with the brilliant new law the government just introduced but only if 10 other people do', that would be stupid.

    "They know there are no votes to be had on pledgbank.Even if pledgers saw Tony blair walking on water they would say he is standing on Gordon Brown swimming below the surface.So is it all worth maybe 30 votes?"

    Like I said before, most people don't read the comments, and those that do are unlikely to read past the first 4 or 5.
    In any case I would say the posts are only 60:40 against Tony. If you can think that this isn't a publicity stunt, why shouldn't others.

    30 votes? Really that little? Tony gave an interview to The Metro where he specifically mentioned this pledge on this website, this was on the same day the pledge was launched, so there were very few comments. The Metro has a readership of 1.7million people(the majority in London)(, only 30 votes, eh?
    There was also a mention in The Times, with a circulation of nearly 700,000. Granted Times readers will be less likely to vote because of a publicity stunt like this and are a lot less likely to vote Labour anyway. I don't know whether this was in any other newspapers, but I'm sure that more than 30 votes will be decided because of the pledge.

    People in this country are a lot less likely to vote because of policies, often, especially for undecided voters they vote on the general impression they get from the party and its leader (or how good looking they are, this is an attempt to make this favourable for Labour.

    "So Tony blair sits up in bed and says to cheri. Darling I know how to win the elections there must be 30 votes on pledgebank for the taking."

    If this was Blair's idea it wouldn't be so bad, but as I've said it was most likely thought of by an aide or a Labour official, or whoever is running the election campaign. Blair is a technophobe, if it was his idea he would write to public figures and there would be no chance to accuse him of anything.

    "Tony next time just make the calls.." Well thats my point exactly, he doesn't need to use pledgebank, so why has he? I have a fair idea, whats yours?

    Why now? The olympics were won on 6th July. Ok, 7/7 might have changed his plans a bit, but still it has been 9 months. Don't you think its a bit far fetched that he lauched the election campaign the same day he decided to make this pledge?

    "Something to help the youth of today.
    Something to give them hope and encouragement for the future. "
    Thats exaggerating a bit, but yeah.
    If only it was just that, and not a PR exercise as well.
    Sam Hayes, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • call me cynical if you wish, but surely if Mr Blair really gave a monkeys about such sports clubs he would find govenrment funds to "support their development and raise their profile" of course he cant, because he no longer has any control over the labour party. Mr Blair, whatever your intention was here, it has indeed backfired and in my eyes as a normal voter this post (if genuine) makes you look weak and powerless. If you pledge to stand trial for war crimes over the invasion of Iraq if 20 million people agree to have a vasectomy, you may get a more positive result.
    gareth, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Sir Steve Redgrave hailed Londons 2012
    Olympic victory as a triumph for Prime Minister Tony Blair over French president Jacques Chirac.Tony Blair arrived in Singapore on Sunday to lobby Olympic members "to take three days to come out and support the bid made the difference".Tony Blair decided to lobby IOC members despite
    having to fly straight back to the U.K. and host the G.8. summit.Seb Coe and the team have done an amazing job
    and with the give us the edge we
    made it.Paris were always favourite to win from the start but Paris have not got Tony blair we have.STAY ON BOARD PRIME MINISTER WE NEED YOU WAS THE TOAST OF THE DAY.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • So, back to the pledge itself. Who are these so-called 'public figures' that have signed up? I recognised some of the names of course, Livingstone, Jowell, Ireland, McKeating, Lambert, Grant and Whitaker need no introduction, but the rest?

    Googling gets me a celebrity hairdresser, a baroness spokesman for London First (that makes sense), someone whose name only shows up on pledgebank (Georgina Lansbury and 'carl' something.

    If Tony had really wanted this pledge to succeed, he needed to ensure that a number of celebrities were already poised to sign up before it went live, and set the target at a higher level, get more people to sign up and give it more publicity.

    So, either he and his team are utterly incompetent at media relations and publicity, or this is merely a cynical PR stunt. I can't see any other analysis.

    It wold be a good idea, but the way it's been done makes me think it is nothing but a stunt. This saddens me, more evidence that Tony's govt is too tired to cary on.
  • Edmund, my friend, I'm not in the slightest bit 'worried' about anything, in fact, I didn't use the word once.

    If I'm worried about anything, it's the functionality of your shift key, because shouting out the same phrase so many times means you're either incredibly obnoxious or have a faulty keyboard; I'd get it fixed if'n I were you.

    As for Blair's Govt? They worry me enough the rest of the time. Happy Easter? I've had a nice weekend, but I've very little interest in a pagan festival of spring.

    Although the chocolate is nice...

    This pledge is a publicity stunt. That's all. If it was meant as anything else, it would have been done properly. It hasn't been, ergo it's nought but a stunt.

    Shame, because the idea is a good one.
  • Mat I apologise.

    I thought you were just another whinging whining anti Tony Blair,who wants to attack this pledge for your own selfish reasons, with little concern for the benefits to the young athletes.However your last sentence gives me hope.God bless.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Edmund,

    If you want to have a go at someone for attacking things for selfish reasons, have a look at your beloved Mr Blair. I'm sure the real reason he went into Iraq with Bush was to depose Saddam, and not to keep his mate happy and get in on the oil grab while he was at it.

    If not shut up and stop having a go at people for expressing honest opinions. I have no "selfish" reasons for "attacking" this pledge. I only want to express my opinions on it. My opinions are as valid as the next person even if that person happens to be you.

    If you call us whingers or whiners one more time, I'm going to make an official complaint to pledgebank about you and ask that they prevent you from posting further. I find it offensive that you consider your opinion to be the only one of any worth, and that anyone who disagrees is automatically just selfish, whining, or whinging. Do you have children? Do you know what whinging and whining sound like? I do, and the arguments I've read here against this pledge are neither, so get your facts straight or stop posting.
    Natasha Long, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Liberation of Iraq, Natasha, is an off topic comment.
    Why cant you just stay with the pledge?
    I will become the patron of a London
    community sports club.
    Nothing to do with Democracy in Iraq.
    Posting of Tom Steinberg,pledgebank staff,Monday 10th April
    "weve started deleting comments that are off topic".
    Si quoted the genocide in Iraq you told him "he was off topic".
    Now Natasha.This is Pledgebank.
    You make a pledge and you ask people to
    support it.You do not expect to be hung drawn and quartered for making a worthwhile pledge.
    I think this is a fantastic pledge.
    This is the start of a tidal wave of
    Olympic support.
    I know many more pledges will follow,
    if we are positive,with worthwhile constuctive critism.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Edmund - she's right, you're wrong. Full stop. 'Now Natasha'?. You are just about the most patronising person it has ever been my misfortune to come across. If I were you, I'd give this one up as a bad job. This was never a good idea, it was only ever a ploy by the Nu-Lab spin machine, and it's been exposed for what it is. What I'd like to see is real commitment from this sorry-arsed fag-end of a corrupt, sh*t stained so-called 'government' to some real social action, not mimsy posting on two-bit message-boards like this. Where's the REAL money for sports clubs? Why do we have athletes complaining that they can't get funding? Why do we have schools that have to shell out for sports facilities because this government has permitted the selling-off of the playing fields? If there's one beef that rings true about this whole thing, it's that THIS IS PURELY FOR SHOW. And, as usual, being seen to APPEAR to do something is so much more bloody important that ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING. There may well be a tidal wave of Olympic support, but this is most definitely NOT the start of it. By the way, you are Peter Mandelson and I claim my five pounds.
    Ben Harding, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • £34.5 million over 2 years Ben.

    On the 22nd March 2006 the government announced in the budget, this investment in sport.£2.5 has already been allocated to revitalise cricket in our state schools.
    Give it up Ben?its only just started.
    You cant stop a tidal wave of enthusiasm sweeping the nation.
    Sport will bring this country together
    under one banner,the Olympic banner.
    Nothing you say will stop this happening.Why you are trying to kill this pledge is to do with own hate of this government,not for the benefit of the athletes,sport centres or the spirit of the Olympic games.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Edmund,

    I live in London, and I haven't seen a tidal wave of enthusiasm. In fact, most of the people I've spoken to about the Olympics think it was a waste of money bringing it here and never wanted it here in the first place.

    "Sport will bring this country together under one banner." - Have you seen the FIFA World Cup? That's what brings the nation together, not the Olympics. The Olympics are what most people watch if there's nothing much better on TV at the time. Even when sport brings the nation together, it doesn't last any longer than the tournament. Why do you think this time will be any different?

    I am not trying to kill this pledge. As I have already pointed out, I am merely expressing my opinions on the true reasons behind it and my expectations for its outcome. If you don't like it, stop posting and reading. Otherwise, as I said before, get your bloody facts straight.

    Oh, and why haven't you answered Ben's question about school playing fields? I made that same point myself a while back, but you didn't address it then either. You're so good at not answering questions that I'm beginning to think you're a politician.
    Natasha Long, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Nelson Mandela said it all.

    There is no city like London.
    It is a wonderfully diverse and open city providing home to hundreds of different nationalities from all over the world.I cant think of a better place than London to hold an event that unites the world.
    Nelson Mandela.

    As an Olympian,a parent and a member of the general public,hosting the games
    is fantastic news.It gives us the opportunity to support our Olympians as never before.The atmosphere of a home Olympics will be unbeatable. Nick Gillingham

    London, my Olympic London
    How proud we are of you.
    Vision for our youth today
    United we with you.
    Mr PATEL my newsagent.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • London won the right to host the Olympics, and this is something to celebrate. What we need to do now is to win hearts and minds for the Olympics.

    The PM's pledge is an opportunity to put aside the traditional cynicism that pervades both British public life and the public's view of our politicians and other "public" figures.

    Local communities can achieve great things given the opportunity to do so and a constructive approach by the powers that be The PM's pledge is symbolic of this.

    An example of this is our SCORE Project in Leyton, on the periphery of the Olympic Zone. In pulling together 11 different funders from the Regenration, Sports, Health and Community Sectors, we have been able to provide a high quality sports and copmmunity facility in the heart of east London directed primarily at the local community.

    Because of this we are able to offer to all members of the local community the opportunity to participate in sports activities, obtain professional coaching and expertise at whatever level they play, or aspire to play, at.

    We would welcome the PM's support of our sports club to show what can be achieved by working together, and to demonstrate, by example, that the Olympics, like sport generally, is for everyone.
    Stephen Cain, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Can you imagine the dire state of any sports club patronised, and I believe that's exactly the right word to use, by Bliar, Red Ken and Tessa Jowell? It'd probably be quite well funded with her on-board, though no-one would know by who or from where..

    I'm not so sure about their commitment to the sporting side of things either. The way the government seem determined to stamp out academic (let alone sporting) excellence, competition and selection in schools I doubt that whatever sports club is unlucky enough to be selected by that motley trio for being patronised is actually going to be able to get involved in anything so "last century" as competition anyway for fear of telling some kids they're no good.

    As a Londoner all my life I recall the GLC being in control (sorry, charge would be more apt from what I remember) and Ken hasn't changed much. Like the other two, he's a politician at heart and all he cares about is doing what he wants and telling us it's what we want. Did any of you actively want them to spend £12 million of YOUR money to bid for the games? I know I didn't and I don't know more than half a dozen people who did. I don't know anyone who still wanted the olympics once they learned that Vancouver is STILL PAYING for the games held there in the 1970's, none of the subsequent venues made a profit either. All of them have left local taxpayers carrying a mountain of debt whilst the IOC and the governments concerned carry on regardless of what the people affected by their decisions want.

    Having read the last 50 posts, I don't think killing the pledge 'cos the government, especially the three of them represented here, suck elephant-wang is the objective. I think more people are surprised that, having had 9 years in charge of the country and therefore nearly 3,500 days when he could've made this pledge (and in his official capacity rather than just as Tony from Sedgefield - ha ha ha), he only makes this pledge when he's on his way out and unlikely to lose any votes by this falling flat on its' face than he'd make if it came off. Plus the fact that he's so convinced of the worthiness of the cause he's only going to try if 99 other people agree to as well.

    Can you still not understand people's cynicism about this pledge, Eddie, old chap?

    The city of Sydney is still spending $100,000,000 every year to maintain the stadia built for their olympics (they haven't finished paying the cost of building the things either, but that's another debt, Greece spent $12Bn on the Olympics. Considering the state of the world now, can you seriously see our security bill being less than the Greeks? What about construction costs? Did you know Montreal smokers still pay 17c on a pack of fags to pay for the 1976 olympics? 1976!!!! Greece, Canada, the US, Spain and Australia are all countries where there's more emphasis on sports than here. They all have fantastically expensive Olympic stadiums that serve no useful purpose whatsoever once the games are over.

    The real problem with this pledge is not the idea, sports clubs need more patrons who can promote them. The real problem, I think, is who made it, when it was made, the pledger's expected likelihood of actually having to put his money where his mouth is and his total lack of commitment to sport for the last 9 years he's been running the country. It just doesn't wash.

    Gerard, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • By the way: "Sport will bring this country together under one banner." Ha ha ha, Edmumd, good one. Which one country would be being supported by the newly united British public?

    It obviously couldn't be England; there must not be any overt support for the country we're actually in for fear of upsetting people who, by and large, chose for themselves to come to, err England. See how many Crosses of St George you find displayed or flown publicly this Sunday. I wouldn't consider supporting anywhere else.

    What would be on this banner, exactly? Would you recommend it's written in every one of the 6,000-odd live languages in the world to show we're all united now? This is going to be a very big banner.

    Or is the truth that really the Olympics don't unite anyone (except greedy businesspeople, eager to get their hands in the our pockets again) and cynical crap like this pledge do nothing AT ALL to further unity or committment to sport?
    Gerard, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • July 1940 Over the green fields of south east England.
    640 British Fighter aircraft are up against 2,600 Luftwaffe bombers and fighters.
    Give it up, Gerard cried out,we dont stand a chance we are outnumbered four to one.Churchill would have none of it.Sit back down in your armchair Gerard and let the Battle of Britain begin.This is Great Britain Gerard we have faced far greater challenges than running the Olympic games.We have the fourth largest the world and more millionairs per square inch than any other country.Now why dont you get up out of that armchair,visit the Olympic bid website and volunteer to do something positive instead of taking pot shots at our role models.
    Oh by the way old bean you say you read the post about the £34.5 MILLION THE GOVERNMENT has allocated in the March budget 2006 but then say the government should put their money where their mouth is...
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • £34.5 mill, sounds a lot. Thats £17.25m per year.
    The goverment, as a whole spends £500Billion per year. 17.25mill is 0.00345% of 500billion, in case you are wondering.
    The government certainly talks big, but I don't call 0.00345% putting your money where your mouth is.

    There were 271 British athletes at the 2004 games, there will be a lot more at Beijing and a lot lot more in London.

    How will the 17.25 million per year (assuming the additional funding is continued at the same rate) fund all these extra athletes, not to mention all the thousands who will fail to make the grade, but who will still need funding over the next 6 years (and beyond), how many will the 17.25 per year give us?
    Well, on a modest amount of 15k a year, that would fund 115 extra athletes, (or 43 coaches on 40k a year), not to mention money for specialist equipment that may be needed. Basically that extra money will do diddly squat, it was put in the budget to quell the growing number of complaints from athletes, and so people like Edmund and labour activists can go 'look! the government is really brilliant and cares for all our athletes, they're not incompetent at all'
    The gymnast, who featured in back the bid adverts on the gherkin, recently had to give up training due to lack of funding, and is only back in training because of a private sponsor, we only know about that because he was in the ads and able to generate the publicity. How many other promising young athletes is this happening to? Because if its one, its too many, and more money is needed from a government that loves to talk.
    Sam Hayes, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Hear Hear, Sam, well put.

    Leaving aside (as the Olympic Bid Committee obviously did) the dozens of schools, football, and other sports- and youth-clubs and local people walking dogs, out with their kids etc, that were actually enjoying using Hackney Marshes for free, can you really see the Hackney Regatta stealing punters away from Henley? Do you really think people will flock to the Horse of the Year show at the Leytonstone Equestrian centre like they do when it's held in Windsor? The legacy maintenance and security charges for the councils in whose areas these stadia are to be left dumped once the games are over will, as ALL recent Olympic hosts have found, be crippling. They can hardly manage what they've got as it is without half a dozen more white elephants being dropped in over the next few years. More Domes, anyone? Really?

    If you pose the question: Who will win from London holding the Olympics? and come to the answer "UK Sports" ask yourself, once the games have been and gone, how likely is it that interest in sport will drop through the floor again? If public interest in sport is sufficiently great to justify this vast amount of taxpayers money being spent, why has sport been allowed to become such a low priority, in schools and in the country as a whole? Why are most, if not all, of our athletes having to get by on corporate sponsorship (somewhat defeating the Olympic amateur ideal) or pay for their own training out of their own wages from their day jobs? How do other countries' athletes manage? Where do they, with their inferior economies, get the money that we don't seem to be able to?

    Who will have made vast amounts of money out of it? The construction companies and land developers flattening the houses, concreting over the marshes, building the stadia and putting in the infrastructure will do pretty well at the expense of the taxpayer, again. Hey, looking at how the building industry's gone the last few years, once again the Poles'll be helping us in our hour of need. For another quick skirmish with Edmund's WWII theme, and to misquote Churchill: How many more times, must so much, be owed by so many, to so few, for so little?

    Sadly, I know I'm standing here with the stable door in hand, watching the horse's arse disappear. The only motive for this pledge I can see at the moment is, considering the relative obscurity of this site (no disrespect), one that can be quietly forgotten if nothing comes of it and if, by any chance another 80-odd "public" figures see fit to sign up and something good does come of it he can milk it 'til it's tits squeak, even though from day 1 he makes it clear he's prepared to do less than 1% of the work. Is this even less VFM than usual from a Blair?
    Gerard, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I David Beckham welcome the Olympic games to Great Britain.Holding the Olympic football tournament throughout the U.K. will be a hugh benefit to the game itself. It will also enable thousands of people around the country
    to be directly involved in the sport.
    David Beckham. Olympic website
    I Tony Robinson spent my childhood around the Lea valley.The idea of completely transforming it with the Olympic venue is fantastic.This will be the biggest and best thing to happen to our area in a lifetime.We in east London are overjoyed at the legacy this will leave in the area.

    Now Sam,it has taken 4 days for me to check your figures.You are spot on.You are also wrong.The investment in sport in the following 4 years will be a great deal more.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • im surprised no one else has spotted this but tony says he will work with the club in the approach to the olympics, if we take out the party politics that fills so much of this page, we can still see no sign of intention of continuing his support for the club AFTER the olympics, thus whichever way you look at it, its a pretty lame effort to make him look good and doesnt in any way how that he cares about sport.

    on the point of pride of Londoners, the only Londoners i know couldnt care less about the olympics, they are more concerned about Arsenal moving away from Highbury. Give the games to a different city which has character and people who have pride in where they come from, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds would all have been suitable candidates.

    The only good that has come from the olympic bid is that the extra publicity for sport has highlighted the funding problems, helping to improve the system rather than helping one small sports club would be a much more worthwhile project for any of the individuals who have signed the pledge!
    gareth, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Gareth makes a great point about what happens after the olympics.

    'The investment in sport in the following 4 years will be a great deal more.'

    Yes, it probably will. In two years time, it will probably be too late for all those youngsters you keep talking about, they will either be in sport or not.
    The reality is most of the money to fund the olympics and the development of young athletes will come from the lottery, this is no bad thing in itself.
    The major problem is the PM in 2012 (probs Gordon) will almost certainly tak e as much credit as possible for the success of the games (whats the betting that all the British medal winners visit Downing Street for a photo op), this will happen even though Brown has done next to nothing to get those athletes to the games.

    I want to see a great games in London, it maybe my only chance to go to a great event like that, I want to be in a great stadium, built on schedule and within budget, and I want to be there cheering on British medal winners.

    My problem that instead of trying to achieve all this, people like Blair are already using this for political capital, rather than putting in what is needed to make sure the British athletes are good enough.

    I hate the politicization of things like this, why can't it just be a good thing for the country (debatable) as a whole and not have any spin surrounding it.

    The thinking from Team Blair is pretty clear.
    Objective: make Blair look good at a time when it is very difficult for him and elections are on the way.
    Fact: most people think the olympics is a good thing
    Solution: associate Blair with the olympics, in any way possible.

    I bet that if there is a big problem and scandal in the next couple of years about olympics funding, Blair will be the last person to trumpet about this great sports club he's the patron of.

    That is the major problem with having a politician doing something like this, they will only be involved while it is politically favourable for them to do so.
    Sam Hayes, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • £65 million funding for sport.
    Olympic and paralympic sport in the U.K. received a massive boost in funding leading up to the Beijing 2008 games.The announcement is a result of the government decision to allocate up to £300 MILLION to athletes preparations for London 2012.
    Gareth,do you know what you will be doing after 2012? I dont.Dont you think 6 years helping a sports club is enough?
    Wellington ordered his troops to lie down on the ground to avoid the balls.
    I am ,gentlemen lying down to avoid the balls you are fireing at me.
    What if Gordon Brown? will Tony Blair in 2012? what if my tea gets cold?
    so what.Lets get to 2012 and inspire the young along the way and stop worrying...Goodnight and Good luck.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I love playing and watching sport and would support anything that promotes it especially with young people.

    I don't care a hoot what Tony or anybody else's agenda is for doing a pledge on this site - I did a pledge and some very good things happened as a result which have changed my view on the world.

    This is not the place for political debates and it is a big shame if it turns into that.

    This site is a great vehicle for helping people do new and good things which hopefully have an impact on the lives of those involved.

    It really is that simple for me.
    Reg Nolan, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I've lived in Leyton for about 20 years and am naturally very excited by the prospect of the Olympic Games being on our doorstep. As a local resident I was co-opted onto the Board of the the SCORE project which recently built a splendid new community and sports centre in Leyton. This is already being well used but, like so many good things, despite a lot of printed publicity, many Leyton residents have failed to notice these impressive new facilities and so they are not all getting the full benefit from it.
    These days a Celebrity name is the most powerful tool there is for getting people's attention so it would be great to get Mr Blair on board to help us get more Leytonites to make full use of these superb new facilities.
    So let's hope plenty of other celebrities will join in this scheme so that London's youngsters and sportspeople will get a good head-start towards winning England some medals when the time comes.
    Heather Joy, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Surely we've only got the Olympics coz someone couldn't count!? I think it's more important to realise the devastation the Olympics will cause... East London's bad enough as regards traffic, public & otherwise? If anyone out there thinks our lives here will be inhanced, think again!

    When I heard that the Olympics would be here I cried...

    Camilla Cavendish summed up the financial reasons for NOT holding the Olympics here:

    In financial terms, isn’t this a gamble of Olympic proportions? £3.8 billion is a lot of money to spend on feeling good for a fortnight. That’s more about 2p on income tax, and it’s only the initial estimate. The bill for the Athens Olympics is likely to come in at about £6 billion, more than double the original budget, even though the Greeks got the EU to foot most of the security bill. The 2000 Sydney Games went over budget and Australians are paying £18 million a year to prop up the Sydney venues. The good people of Montreal are still paying for the stadium built in 1976...

    So come on Mr. Blair, there are more important things for the public's money to spent on isn't there?
    Miranda (panda), 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
    Tim Ireland please remove your name from this pledge now instead of 1 hour before the deadline.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
    Dave Lambert please remove your name from this pledge now instead of 1 hour before the deadline.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Edmund, just got the notifications, why should either of them remove their names?

    I've never met either of them, Tim is very well known in many circles, a quick Google for his name should reveal many links, including references on the BBC news on a number of occasions.

    Mr Lambert is also a name I'm aware of as well; both appear to be "public figures" to me, unless you'd care to give a definition other than that given by Mr Blair above?
    MatGB, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Hmm, a little panic control freakery going on here, methinks... perhaps I should sign up (google me, if you like), as well as anyone else who thinks that Edmund's a bit of a tosser...
    Ben Harding, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Oh, and by the way, Edmund, you've missed at least one other, that I can spot. Can you tell who it is yet????


    B xxx
    Ben Harding, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Hi Ben
    where have you been?
    havnt seen you since the last heat wave. has someone disturbed your rock again?
    Now Ben,I know you dont give a toss about sport so why bother posting?
    Why? maybe your fed up and its too hot for rubber dolls.Ben, give up the names.
    Pledgebank will suffer when something this big goes wrong.This is your chance to join the human race.So wipe the sauce off your cardy,put some cream on your hair and go to the Olympic web site and sign up as the one way long distance runner..but before you go names please..
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • To: 'Edmund'

    Subject: Naming names

    Message: You first. I think some transparency on your part will be required before you're accepted in your new role as self-appointed moderator.
  • Surely (correct me if I'm wrong) there's a 'public comment box' here for just that! COMMENTS!!! Good, bad, indifferent.... so, according to Edmund, this Pledge (furniture polish..ha ha!) has been started by Blair, so we have to treat it different to other Pledges!?

    Grow up Edmund, or maybe you're working undercover for this dreadful Primeminister we have?
    Miranda (panda), 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • You guys... Are you still arguing with this TROLL?? I started when the PM first decided to use this forum for a blatant publicity stunt and to try to raise public support for something clearly no one (except trolls) wants. But I soon got bored of silly, silly Edmund and him getting on his mummy's computer to try to upset people. His comments to Ben are very telling of the kind of person he is and of the kind of life he leads. The fact that he is still allowed to post here is something I am wondering about, as I'm sure I got an email from Pledgebank assuring me that Edmund would be banned if he didn't desist his childish, trollish, playground politics. Shut up and go away Edmund, no one cares what you've got to say. You are taking up valuable planet space that could be far better used by someone else.

    You see, we can all do condescending insults mate. Some of us are just better at them than others.
    Tasha, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • God-damn, has this thing not ended yet? Nice to see Edmund's enthusiasm is still boundless, sad to see his mail-order life has yet to arrive though.

    Call me even more cynical than before, but since, as Mr Blair rather vainly specified, only "other PUBLIC figures" need apply, why the nonentity business and council types putting THEIR names (and job titles, aah bless) up? If you need to tell us who you are, you're not really a public figure are you?

    Doesn't including a few of his remaining cronies further devalue what already seems a pretty worthless pledge? (I am presuming, of course, that it's not the Ali Campbell of UB40 fame's name up there, I note that the Baroness Morgan became director of political and government relations for No.10 in 2001 at the PM's instruction, Milords Triesman and Carter are labour peers enobled by Bliar in 2004 and are not known for their independence of thought or refusal to follow the party line.)

    Can't say anything about the celebs (assuming the pledgers are who they claim to be), other than politics and sport aren't meant to mix. Be careful!

    By the way, well done Mr Blair. Even padding the thing out with your mates you've still only just about reached halfway after nearly three months. Good to see you're giving this as much care and attention as everything else you tarnish. Roll on 26th July (so we can all get a life).
    Gerard, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Dearest Edmund,

    I bet you really miss being the head prefect, no? 'Go away, dear chap, but, um, do tell me who on here isn't supposed to be...' Pa-the-tic. Hardly the grilling I'd have expected from the self-appointed Pledgebank police...

    'Give up the names...'? Why don't you bother doing a little research? Why should I make it easy for you?

    Your thinly disguised desperation is loathsome. Really.

    Look forward to your next round of sputtering bile.

    Ben x
    Ben Harding, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Scratch Ben Scratch

    Ben why not have a good scratch it will make you feel better.It will also benefit the young Olympians.
    The cards are out today.

    Now you guys and dolls are out of order...
    This is your pledgebank dont let it be used as a political platform for the anti Blair lot.All the guy wants is to support a sports club.
    Have I ever said this is one of the greatest Prime ministers this country
    has ever had?
    Have I ever said the country is better off than ever before.Have I made any political statement of any kind?
    I never informed pledgebank of this sabotage for they would maybe just take two names off the list.I know there are many more..My silly alerts have drawn attention to the problem.
    10 oclock news 26th July 2006.
    Tony Blair today failed to complete a pledge to support local sports centres
    with 100 other high profilers as five supporters pulled out in the last hour.....
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Silly, silly Edmund. Do you really think that would make the news? If the PM's pledge failed, his people would ensure that the news didn't touch it for fear of embarrassing their "great leader". And while you may not have made those WILDLY inaccurate comments until 3.59 this morning (do you really sit up all night trying to think of comebacks? How very, very sad.), we all know that if you had the choice, you'd be on your knees worshipping the very ground he walks on. If you don't like the comments that people have posted about Bliar, stop visiting this page. I know its your ONLY link to the outside world, but you really do need another outlet. And yes Edmund, people really do have so much time on their hands that they have some left over to "sabotage" the PM's publicity stunt.
    Tasha, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Unlike Edmund, I actually *am* the PledgeBank police.

    Edmund has been warned that he should stop posting unhelpful and provocative posts, but the rest of you should know better than to feed a forum troll.

    Edmund, please don't post anything more on this thread or it will be deleted, and if you try again despite this polite request you'll be banned. As for the rest of you, you're more than entitled to discuss this interesting pledge as much as you like, so long as you keep the tone civil.
  • Sorry Tom *looks embarrassed* It's just so funny. He's too easy to bait.
    Tasha, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Evenin' officer.

    (Nods politely. Moves on. Goes about his business.)
  • OK, officer. Nice to know who's side the law's on...

    B xxx
    Ben Harding, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • London won nothing at all.
    The bid was awarded to London in the hope of creating even more multiculti,PC,drivel.
    The EU will have its way in everything, regardless of which way the votes go on anything.
    Awards like this are part and parcel of the corruption that flows openly throughout the now compulsory EU we are drowning in.
    We will pay for this Olympics for 30 years because they will be used for ever as an excuse for more taxes to top up the EU COFFERS THAT THEY ALL SHARE IN REGULARLY.
    Tom Hart., 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Um...

    You what?

    Can someone translate Tom Hart's comment from ranting incoherence into English for me? Long day at work, I'm obviously missing something.

    Tom? who are "they", and exactly what has the IOC to do with the EU?
    MatGB, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Oh great. Now we've got a UKIP loony putting his two penn'orth in. Weird, isn't it, how these fringe political 'events' (that might just drag in a little 'good news' for the powers that be...) get noticed by you and me, the cynics, and the lunatic fringe, like this clod? Weird thing is, if this extends at all, I'll be voting in favour, just to piss him off... 'Wonderful to see the free Europe acting in concert...'

    Bloody Guardian reader - I should be shot. And I'm only saying that because I know it'll annoy Edmund.

    Love to you all.

    B xxx
    Ben Harding, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • ....
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Through my job as Chief Executive of UK Athletics and as President of my club, Coventry Godiva Harriers, I pledge to do all I can to help my sport raise the levels of performance in every event, every age group and every region by 2012.
    David Moorcroft, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Come on Edmund, ***spoiler alert*** surely? What part of Coventry is in London? In what part of the pledge does Tone deign to support (or rather, get other people to support) any other region?

    No doubt you'll be expecting Mr Moorcroft to take his pledge off at the last moment, too, once he reads the pledge again and thinks: "D'oh! I signed teh wrong pledge" (i.e. one that has no intention of spreading the love (and the public-purse trough) as far as "every region".

    Don't people in the regions realise this is the London olympics and only London business will benefit?

    Sorry, athletes.

    And businesses, mainly the businesses.
    Gerard, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Sorry no comment.
    EDMUND, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • i came on this site to find out about the publics comments on the 2012 olympics and instead, felt like i was interupting a political argument, grow up people this is not a chat site
    rowena, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Peter Mandelson(Edmund)
    You lost.So did Blair.10 names in all will not be there...
    Perry, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Perry
    Why will 10 names not be there?
    Mike Stevens, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • What, is this thing still rumbling on? Blimey. Glad to see Mr Blair has had massive impact on whatever sports club he chose. Does anyone know which club this might've been, perchance?

    Half the land still isn't bought, some of what has been bought now appears to include a nuclear waste dump and there are the inevitable fears about leakage of that stuff, Tony's mate Gordon's decided he wants an extra 17.5% of the pie (and no-one connected with the bid thought to ask him when they were costing it up? Scandalous), an extra couple of billion's got to be spent on construction (let alone security). See why we didn't want this, Edmund? Come to London an see if you can feel the enthusiasm of a nation united under the flag of sports...
    Gerard, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • The city of Sydney is still spending $100,000,000 every year to maintain the stadia built for their olympics (they haven't finished paying the cost of building the things either, but that's another debt, Greece spent $12Bn on the Olympics.
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