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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

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Pledge “SavingXmarks”

"I will give 10 dollars right away to Xmarks and subscribe to their premium service (i.e. about 10 dollar every year) but only if 10,000 other local people will do the same and Xmarks keep their service alive and continue to develop it going forward."

— Thorsten Biegner, Xmarks lover

Deadline to sign up by: 10th January 2011
81 people signed up, 9919 more were needed

More details
On 27th September 2010 Todd Agulnick
Co-Founder and CTO Xmarks, Inc. announced that they will shut down Xmarks because of lack of funding see more details in his blog post.

I love Xmarks for its ability to sync across many different browsers and I was hoping soon to be able to view my Firefox Passwords on my iPhone.
I also love to be able to find out fast what other good websites exist in a particular category that is how I found out about and many other awesome websites :-)
Xmarks is the first plug-in I install on every machine its just a MUST HAVE service.

If 10,000 people sign this pledge Xmarks could get 100,000 $ right away and 100,000 $ every year should probably at least keep the service running and if more people join in it could become a profitable business. So if you love Xmarks as much as we do and its worth some money to you; join the pledge for Xmarks to become some sort of subscription service.

This pledge is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

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Current signatories (Green text = they've done it)

Thorsten Biegner, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Rasmus Helmer Nielsen
  • Robert Rosenberg
  • C Edward Chambers
  • Heather Miller
  • Chris Bondelid
  • Andreas Schamanek
  • Toby Cockcroft
  • Lance Moss
  • Ben Picone
  • Oliver Cam
  • Daniel Walsh
  • Tim Johns
  • Matthieu Yiptong
  • Adam Gelwarg
  • Chad Bernhardt
  • Jason Mayoff
  • Jesse Almanrod
  • Geoff Tsudama
  • Ben Williams
  • Ramesh Singaram
  • Helmut Erler
  • Adam Kanz
  • Peter Host
  • Olaf Schröder
  • Ann Styles
  • MacMike
  • Tom Smithdeal
  • Mary Stow
  • Walter Andrea
  • Doug Buskey
  • Jerry S
  • Animesh Sharma
  • John Almanrode
  • Joe Mat
  • Stuart Shields
  • Joan
  • Ella
  • Rudolf Halas
  • Tristan Gross
  • Pierce Ables
  • Brian Hanifin
  • Michael Wippel
  • Karissa Watson
  • Keith Brooks
  • Juanita Patterson
  • Rick Yazwinski
  • Jack Dolby
  • Sérgio Diniz
  • Chris Mueller
  • Romuald Quantin
  • Jason Martin
  • Kenneth Simon
  • Lonnie Carruthers
  • John S.
  • David Seifried
  • Randy Steer
  • Chistophe Smith
  • Véronique De Knop
  • Carlos Alberto Santos
  • Tina Beacock
  • Eric Burkey
  • Matt VanDeventer
  • Roeland Ligtvoet
  • Tim Bates
  • Paul Probine
  • Jack Pedersen
  • Eric Wang
  • 14 people who did not want to give their names

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