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Pledge “P-DPA2006”

"I will give my vote and £10 to the first party which will introduce the " PRIVACY & DATA PROTECTION ACT 2006 " to end the Big Brother state, but only if 10 other people will do the same.Union is power and the money will help the chosen party to campaign against the surveillance state."

— Anne Lenoir

Deadline to sign up by: 1st September 2006
1 person signed up, 9 more were needed

Country: United Kingdom

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We are trying to stop the government using unethical means to monitor our every moves, in the name of 'security'. As Britain is turning into an outdoor prison,with its ever growing surveillance devices(CCTV? databases,NIR,verichips,
RFID,data collection,bio ID cards etc..)and controversial laws (Terrorism Act,Anti-social Behaviour Act, Data Protection Act), more and more people are concerned about the future of democracy and civil liberties.

The problem with governance today is that Political parties have stopped responding to the needs and interests of the population and only exist as the political instruments of wealthy individuals seeking to perpertuate their own power.

The recent misuse of new policies (Terrorism Act,Anti-Social Behaviour Act etc...)has shown how easy it is for the government and the police to use laws on everyone they do not like.This represents a major threat to our civil liberties.

So far these policies have been ineffective to resolve the problem. All they have prevented is freedom of speech, and have also been responsible for; the death of an innocent young man (Mr Jean Charles de Menezes), wrongly accused of being a terrorist; sending pensioners to jail; detaining an elderly man (Mr Wolfgang) for speaking his mind; developing all sort of monitoring devices to spy on law-abiding people ( NIR, verichip, RFID, ID cards, database); and increasing the amount of intrusive data being collected and processed. Although, we have all been assured that these were just " mistakes" and that measures are taken "...for our own safety.", unless we do something about it now,more of these so-called "mistakes" and "...for our own good." drastic measures will continue.

It seems that,for unexplained reasons,the government want to record people's every moves and transactions even when they are legal. For a party only elected by a minority of the population it is frightening to see how it is seeking more an more undue power and control over us. 'Security' has become the government's weapon against opposition, and a means of controlling the entire population. Politicians are insulting our intelligence, scanning a long list of data will not stop setting off bombs. Obviously, the best way to stop a terrorist attack is to search luggages and people for eventual weapon etc...It is plain to see that the government is using fear of terrorism, crime, illegal immigration, fraud to impose the laws that they want and as an answer to avoid debate on sensitive issues. This has worringly led to a new set of fears; fear to voice dissent, to protest or support opposition.This is the end of democracy.

The questions we all should be asking the government are: why do we have to be treated like criminals and indexed like cattle? Why should we trust comlete strangers with our personal data? And why can't the government look for alternatives to strike a balance between security and civil liberties?.
It is not the government's role to interfere, tyrannised or seek undue control over us, they are not elected to do so. Let alone to have the entire population under, what could be called, a "country arrest order" for being potential criminals. This is not "New Labour" this is "New Tyranny".
As it was rightly pointed out,we are not answerable to the government, they are answerable to us.

What we need is a " PRIVACY & DATA PROTECTION ACT 2006 " to ban the moritoring of people with NIR,verichip,RFID,ID cards ,databases etc... and replace data processing by adequate substitutes and checks.

Union is power and we need you to sign this plegde to help us combat the survceillance's state and to protect our civil liberties.

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