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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “OnlyRonPaul2012”

"I will after the GOP convention, WIN or LOSE, pledge to finance Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign at the rate of $10 per week but only if 1,000,000 other Americans will do the same."

— Vince Edwards, Extreme Constitutional Fundamentalist

Deadline to sign up by: 1st September 2012
16 people signed up, 999984 more were needed

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Our first WEEKLY 10 MILLION DOLLAR MONEYBOMB will be the day after the GOP convention in Tampa Bay. We will be donating directly to the campaign via the website. Until then please continue to participate in all moneybombs along the way! Ron Paul is the founding father of this generation’s Tea Party. If Ron doesn’t get the nomination our pledges will be a very compelling reason for Ron to start a REAL Tea Party just like the one that birthed the Declaration of Independence over 230 years ago!

Why such a small amount? If the people did not have to break the bank on an individual basis and knew their $10 was being pooled in with 1 million others, Ron Paul’s $10 million dollar per week contributions could easily be made each week, as well as demonstrate to the rest of the country, through small donations, Ron Paul has the support of the we the people! Just imagine having a million committed donors every week as a talking point when facing Obama and possibly Romney too, since all they have is just a handful of BANKSTERS!

There are MILLIONS of Ron Paul supporters in America today! We're ONLY looking for 1 million to sign the pledge! The only reason we can't do this is if you don't pledge and spread the word like the wildfire!

Is it worth $10 per week…

…to finally have a president in office who obeys the constitution?

…to declare an end to the war on we the people which the NDAA represents?

…to have a family values role model as president instead of someone who just pays lip service to the concept?

…to release over two million non-violent people from our prisons who’s only “crime” MAY have been harming themselves?

…to put this Orwellian style government back on its constitutional leash?

…to have peace officers protect and serve the people instead of harass and intimidate them?

…to abolish the Federal Department of Education which will put control back into the hands of parents and local communities?

…to end the Federal Reserve System which is designed to bankrupt America and squander the birthright of your children and your children’s children?

…to finally have a president in office that you can be PROUD of?

Finally, would it be worth $10 per week to be able to live your life, have maximum Liberty and pursue happiness without government intervention and END the IRS and INCOME TAX which is a direct violation of your 5th amendment rights guaranteed by Ron Paul’s oath to constitution?

True freedom requires that you do not have to like how others use their freedom, but as long as they do not violate your rights you MUST allow them to be FREE!

If you value that kind of freedom, pledge today and spread this pledge far and wide! Let’s leave nothing to chance. With all the fraud that has gone on to this point we must realize that elections in this country can no longer be won, they must be PURCHASED. Once there are 1 million people on this pledge our Liberty will be GUARANTEED, so sign the pledge today!

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  • Is it ok if I pledge to donate 10 euro/ week from Belgium? Can i even donate?
    Koen Dehantschutter, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Is it ok if i pledge to donate 10 euro/week? Can i even donate?
    Koen Dehantschutter, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • We can win this.
    Joseph Hartlove, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Internationally I suggest donating to revolutionPAC: since we will be donating directly to the campaign website you must be an American in order to do so. Feel free to join the pledge however internationally to show your support.
  • The pledge died early on... then in the last few days I've seen 3 people trickle in which is VERY encouraging. We can't expect Ron to run past the convention if he doesn't get the nomination AND -> We aren't willing to contribute in a big way. Even the Tea Party Money bomb raised just $6 million in one day - AWESOME yet consider what we're looking to build when we want to organize - WAY in advance - a donor base worth $10 million - EVERY FRIDAY?

    I urge folks - please comment. This is RPv GoldmanSachs at the Daily Paul :) The username is obvious. We're up against the banksters - not Obamney! Let's put our "money" where our passion is... see it, believe it... and do it!
  • This is a great idea. I hope the goal is reached! Ron Paul 2012!
    Joe, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I've just now (120429 14:00 CDT) discovered your efforts here: a) I'm super impressed with - and signed-up for - your "$10.00 / Wk" effort; b) your affidavit idea is great, albeit some, less than legalistic in nature, may find that a bit intimidating but hopefully can overcome to get it done.

    As noted in the "Web-address" block; I have a site, similar in nature to your affidavit scheme, albeit, where yours treats all ongoing primary activity; Mine is specific to the Nov. 6th event including "ABSENTEE BALLOT" activity in the general election, and even into the Electoral College event, so for now I'll be working on exactly how we may be able to complement each others efforts. ...

    As an overall-thought here:
    ANYONE CONCERNED WITH revealing your ID in any of these processes: THAT IS A NON-ISSUE!!! ... JUST BEING HERE has you TAGGED, so simply keep in mind:


    G*d Speed,
    YoOle Me
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