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Pledge “OneLessBottle”

"I will not use a disposable plastic water bottle for week but only if 100 people anywhere in the world will not use a disposable plastic water bottle on March 25, 2008."

— Tiffany, member of Reducing 4 More

Deadline to sign up by: 31st March 2008
26 people signed up, 74 more were needed

More details
This year, on March 25, 2008, is One Less Bottle Day.On One Less Bottle Day, instead of using a disposable plastic (in other words, plastic bottled water), you would use a reusable bottle to carry your water.
One Less Bottle Day was created to reduce the amount of plastic bottles used for one day. Each day, 60 million water bottles are disposed in United States alone. These 60 million water bottles are not recycled; instead they end up in landfills left forever to biodegrade. But the truth is that these bottles are not really biodegradable, instead the plastic is broken into polymers of polythene which is invisible to the eye. So even though we think the plastic is gone, in reality the plastic is still there polluting the grounds.
Even though One Less Bottle Day is only one day, it is a start to become more environmentally friendly. I decided to pledge not drink from bottled water, instead I will bring my own reusable bottle to carry my water.
For more information on plastic bottles and their effects on the environment, please visit

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Tiffany, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Julie
  • Stacy Jacob
  • Grace Thomas
  • Kirill
  • Robert Zeidler
  • Heather
  • Sarah Fawcett
  • Lydia Wegner
  • Cynthia Orozco
  • Christine McLaughlin
  • Lara
  • Dr. SAM Meesum
  • Adam Schmalhofer
  • Ali
  • Alan Kimber
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