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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “Next1000”

"I will become a liberty activist in New Hampshire by September 30, 2011 but only if 999 others will do the same."

— Albert "Max" Abramson, Free State Project activist in NH

Deadline to sign up by: 31st December 2010
233 people signed up, 766 more were needed

More details
I am a member of the Free State Project in New Hampshire, nothing less than the last, best hope for freedom in this country. We are working to make New Hampshire the freest state in the nation. We have literally packed up our lives to come to the Live Free or Die state, to work as one to save those rights that still remain, to restore those lost, and to prove to the world that freedom is right, government largess is wrong, and bureaucracy is no substitute for personal responsibility.

We're looking for the best of the liberty lovers, those who would withstand freezing winters and political scrutinizing. As early movers, we've joined activists groups, developed fora, testified in the legislature, protested tyrannical laws and wrong minded judgments. We've launched independent papers, canvassed neighborhoods, recruited neighbors, voted out bad legislators, and even burned the UN flag in public to send a clear, unmistakable message about American sovereignty.

By signing the First 1,000 pledge, we've committed our lives and our careers to building a foundation of liberty and restoring the freedoms the Founding Fathers intended.

In our new home we found a state based upon the principles of limited government and the consent of the governed, where most decisions are still made at the local level, even at town hall meetings, where state level spending is less than half what residents of most other states must face. Having no state income tax, sales tax, helmet or seatbelt laws, New Hampshire offers a level of freedom not seen in other states. Few restrictions exist on homeschooling, business operation, or improvements to one's own home.

New Hampshire has been rated on several occasions as the most livable state in the nation, the least taxed, with the lowest violent crime rate, and the freest anywhere. Our police are polite, professional, and make arrests only when necessary.

All who are willing to move or were already living here, who are willing to become active in advancing the great cause of liberty, who are willing to give up their ties to other states and make their way to the Granite state are welcome to join us in our efforts.

If we succeed, we will leave for posterity, and for the nation, the best example possible of proof that free, dynamic, open societies work better than restrictive ones, that freedom works better than tyranny. If we fail, at least let history say of us that we justified our brief time here on Earth. May our ancestors and our children say of us that we did all that could be done.

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  • Now for Step 2. If you're committed to liberty and want to live in the freest state possible, it's time to start recruiting other folks to the effort.
    Contact as many proliberty friends, family, and coworkers as you can get ahold of new movers regarding the Next 1,000 pledge. Update your address, meet folks at Taproom Tuesday, and write a letter to the editor letting folks know about the effort here in New Hampshire.
  • I think the idea is great. I believe that the government needs reduction to the base elements as described in the U.S. Constitution.
    However... has anyone ever heard the term "Not in my backyard"?
    I am not sure the folks in NH, myself included are interested in having 20K more people flooding into our state. This is a small state and this kind of influx could dramatically change the landscape of what makes this state a great place to live.
    I understand the proportions of constituents and that makes this state more attractive to this cause, however, why not select RI, or MD or other areas that already have a heavy urban landscape, or a more attractive commerce proposition (seaport, major trade route, etc)... or NY where the demographic and landscape in up-state could more easily support this type of movement.
    Again, I think this is a great idea... speaking as a native of NH, though, I do not support the idea that NH is the correct state for this type of experiment. is a free country, so to speak, and people can move wherever they like... I guess I am a little peeved though that this cause is not willing to promote making a local difference in their own respective states. Freedom starts at home... Geographical cures are often not a solution.
    Daniel Stonecipher, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • James B. Norman,

    Welcome home! ;-) If you visit Porcs at a weekly gathering or participate in activism, you may find something more wonderful than a check could ever possibly provide.

    Daniel Stonecipher,

    Thank you for expressing your view from the unique perspective as a native. Allow me to respond succinctly. 20,000 libertarians over a timespan of years is not going to overpopulate New Hampshire. More people than that migrate into the state each year.

    Free State Project participants are choosing to make New Hampshire their home. They are migrating just like migrants have done throughout history in search of a better, less oppressive place to live. Participants hope that through networked, concentrated effort they all can benefit from each other's talents and so be successful--where scattered libertarians have failed--in propelling the liberty movement forward.

    If you wish to know more about the Free State Project, search their website, post on their message boards or come out and visit them at one of their abundant social gatherings.
    NH Voluntaryist, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • has been set up as a site for seacoast area activism and sharing info and strategies with other liberty activists around the country. We also have an experimental project there for grading local officials by fellow liberty activists. Officials are added as polls, and votes by liberty activists on each one are weighted by their attendance there.

    Folks, if you want liberty in your lifetime, don't forget to boost New Hampshire as the free state, including amongst friends and family back home. We need as many mover-activists as we can get. Another dozen folks going up to the State House could really help get a lot more of these bad bills killed before they ever reach the governor's desk.

    There's a lot going on up here, and you definitely don't want to miss out on Liberty Forum, Octoberfest, Porcfest, Wicked Wednesdays, Taproom Tuesday, Ice Cream Socials, and all of the outings liberty lovers are doing up here in the Live Free or Die State!
  • Us and them, black and white, either/or...these kinds of easy reductions, while emotionally reassuring and mentally relaxing, are a sad substitute for the even minimally detailed, complex, nuanced and whole-systems thinking necessary to both see the world and others (therefore government/culture/society, its merits and ills) in a constructively tolerant manner even while (or especially while) actively working for sustainable positive change.

    Centralization and/or distribution, as pure dynamics, are obviously not the problem themselves and both are key qualities to be addressed when designing and/or improving systems of all kinds, including the political.

    Computers have a CPU, the human body has its CNS and brain, even these militias many of you libertarians idealize have commanders, so the question is not whether some structures require centralization of leadership or stewardship powers, but rather how are we failing to collectively birth, raise, and send into dedicated service human beings who lead with humility, integrity, honesty, and the greater good at mind and heart.

    To the degree that we clearly, in fact, share one world (share the same air, water, temperature, ...biosphere, not to mention all the other non-geocentric commonality) there will be the need to have some world-level representative governance; same goes then for national, regional, state-level, and local.

    No. No. No. This is far more complex than playing come=shuffle-your-address-with-us if you care anything about the larger contexts (geographically, economically, racially, culturally, ...) in which you inherently live and upon who's healthy diversity you absolutely depend.

    On the other hand, it would be nice to have some state other than Texas to study when examining the long term effects of ideological (only?) inbreeding.
    AlreadyFree, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Octoberfest '09 was awesome. All involved had a great time. The chili and chowda offerings were great, and folks got a chance to meet some of the locals and check out the seacoast right when the leaves have started changing.

    The Counter continues to move up to 770 movers, while there are now 1500 Friends of the FSP! Come join us in the free state as we work to roll back intrusive state government!
  • I've been thinking of moving out for a little over a year now. I'm unemployed so I have no job to hold me back, but the trouble is what jobs are available up in NH?

    Since I have no job, I have no money to cover moving expenses, housing etc.

    This is the major hurdle that is keeping me back.
  • To the person who said: "To the degree that we clearly, in fact, share one world (share the same air, water, temperature, ...biosphere, not to mention all the other non-geocentric commonality) there will be the need to have some world-level representative governance; same goes then for national, regional, state-level, and local."

    You are wrong. This is one-world totalitarianism and while our nasty president is working for his elite masters toward this goal, we will fight it to the death here in beautiful NH.
    I WILL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • You can go to or to look for economic opportunities. We're talking about using the latter site to organize some kind of freedom oriented IT/tech firm, while the former frequently sees jobs and contractor positions posted for those looking for something right away.
  • I think AlreadyFree should have his comment banned for stating that somehow, moving to NH would give him an opportunity to study inbreeding:

    "On the other hand, it would be nice to have some state other than Texas to study when examining the long term effects of ideological (only?) inbreeding."

    NH is one of the wealthiest, healthiest states in the nation. It used to be the most free, but that is being lost along with all the other states. Our Ideology is the government that we established here in 1776 - it's the Constitution and Bill of Rights stupid, NOT the United Nations and their managed society of the one world government.
    I WILL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Dear IWFFFreedom,

    Your response didn't at all address the focus of my, sure a bit tongue-in-cheek, reference to "ideological" inbreeding. But your reply was telling enough:
    1. "wealthiest" - by what measure and at whose expense?, the degree as a measurement of income per capita, then "wealth" earned adding what net/real value to planet and other?
    2. "healthiest" - again by what measure and at whose expense? what degree natural, sustainable, and holistic?

    Just because there are dangers in centralizing power at this point in human evolution --when most people (voters and elected alike) are largely unconscious, neo-natal, egos-- that does not mean that there are not obvious advantages, necessities even, in the qualified and controlled concentration of knowledge, powers of action, and integration of local, national and international relations.

    What if the key to navigating this current evolutionary bottle-neck was to refine how we cooperate rather than regress into survivalist same-old-same-old?

    Where's the whole-systems viability assessment of this "my country - my gun, NH HO!" battle cry?
    AlreadyFree, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • AlreadyFree posted this socialist nonsense:

    "1. "wealthiest" - by what measure and at whose expense?"

    I am sorry but the FSP encourages CAPITALISM. If you don't agree then you likely would not fit in. If someone is successful we do not play the blame game -- it is not at 'someone else's expense'. We hope everyone is successful in their capitalistic endeavors.

    "2. "healthiest" - again by what measure and at whose expense? what degree natural, sustainable, and holistic?"

    Healthiest is according to the latest ranking by Morgan Quitno Press. You can leave off all that other UN-speak thank you. It doesn't apply so therefore I will not address it.

    "Just because there are dangers in centralizing power at this point in human evolution --when most people (voters and elected alike) are largely unconscious, neo-natal, egos-- that does not mean that there are not obvious advantages, necessities even, in the qualified and controlled concentration of knowledge, powers of action, and integration of local, national and international relations."

    I suggest that you one-world Mao-ists and murder-worshipper retreat into a cave before you are arrested for hate crimes...

    "What if the key to navigating this current evolutionary bottle-neck was to refine how we cooperate rather than regress into survivalist same-old-same-old?"

    What if I told you to shut up and go cause trouble somewhere else...?

    "Where's the whole-systems viability assessment of this "my country - my gun, NH HO!" battle cry?"

    Whole systems? Each individual is his or her own 'whole system'. Now go play in the traffic...
    I WILL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • To the degree that you (IWFFFreedom) are representative of the mentality of those valuing this NH plan and at the risk of mistaking your non-answers for a lack of intellectual capacity to answer or consider (or all out strategy to avoid) the complexities and contradictions inherent in any realistic discussion/planning about co-organizing viable human society and a sustainable human future (even if only your guys' own future in this transformed NH of yours), here then one last chance to show if there is any wisdom or depth to this Libertarian wet-dream.

    1. Captalism:
    -You say: "Im sorry..."
    - I ask: Dont apologize just summarize the rational justifications you can observe and briefly recount for the conclusion that capitalism is the friend of democracy. I would be happy to site my considered sources for making the case that exactly the opposite is the case.

    2. Successful:
    - You say: "If someone is successful...its not at someone elses expense".
    - My question: But I'm sure you'd acknowledge (if only armed with Fox "News" statistics and targets) that so often profits, the other name for this capitalistic "success" you praise, are in fact criminally secured at the expense of competition (how ironic), the masses (how unjust and undemocratic), and the planet (how short-sighted and self-destructive), eh?

    3. Healthiest:
    - You say:
    a) "by the Morgan Quitno Press" and
    b)"....leave off UNspeak".
    - I respond:
    a) The MQ Press rankings, even if they didn't suffer from inherent methodology and data sourcing problems so problematic as to skew their entire "findings" into meaninlessness, are almost exclusively about crime and not a complex and credible assessment of the human health of a region.
    b) (......tbc in next post)
    AlreadyFree, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • (...cont'd from above)

    UNspeak is an UNword, but it must feel comforting to have an easy cop-out term for categorically dismissing lines of conversation or confrontation of concepts you don't understand, but (and here's the splinter in sign's slogan) at what cost to the actual complexities you'll actually have to address should you get anywhere near this Libertarian -NH Encampment- (wet?)dream of yours.

    4. Hate Crimes:
    - You say: "one-world, ...maoistis,...hate-crimes"
    - I ask: Is it not a single planet we live on? Is humanity, even if only as a biological expression, not a single species far more same in its core needs than inherently different? Do we not all share in the outcomes of either wise planning and sustainable principles, charters of rights, agreements on honoring the commons? Spare your cause and community members the embarrassment of any further mental laziness and just leave Mao (and Hitler) out of your reductionist over-simplifications and simply address the issue or topic at hand, eh? Is anyone else here as blind as this guy to record setting hate-crimes done, planet-wide, done in the name of capitalism (and monotheistic religions like christianity, while we're at it)?

    5. Surviving this difficult moment in collective evolution:
    - You ask: "what if i told you to shut up and go else where?"
    - I answer: "are you the sharpest tool in this NH-Plan's shed?" Would any of the brighter bulbs here in this house of cards assist in redeeming your side of this conversation? If raising the question of how your NH-Plan addresses, to any credible degree, any of the real causes of our country's (or planet's) critical challenges, is seen as "causing trouble" then what a sad lot (not just spokesperson) you have here.

    6. (...tbc in following post)
    AlreadyFree, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • (cont'd from above)

    6. Whole-systems:
    - you say: "each person is a whole system....go play in traffic".
    - I ask: just the "whole system" that is each person is best addressed by a whole-systems approach to personal health, so too the collective systems (municipal, national, international) by which groups of people co-manage their living and commons is best addressed by whole-systems thinking. When just such thinking is what makes your car breaks, your computer's cpu, your telecom's ISP, and your Rush Limbaugh night-light all function with maximum dependability, why not then welcome that same effective examination of your NH-ho plan for a quick double-check of its actual viability?


    Meta-Note: If there are any others here with any capacity (or sufficient pity) to lend the lessor among you -currently at the microphone- a (mental) hand, this would not be a bad moment to come to his (and this cause's) aid.
    AlreadyFree, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Poster 'Already Free' seems unfortunately to suffering from the affliction of excessive verbosity resulting in the spewage of so much liberal psycho-babble. I think they call it Aspergers Syndrome. So I will answer his statements one more time, insofar as they are decipherable.

    Dear Leo,

    Regarding 'co-organizing viable human society and a sustainable human future' -- IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO CO-ORGANIZE ME OR MY FUTURE. Go mind your own f'ing business. Thanks.

    I do not care to hear you 'site' (sic) your sources about compatibility with democracy. We are a republic that is based on capitalism not Marxism. Democracy sucks.

    Your comment which contained the reference to FOX (why I don't know, no one else referred to FOX? I am not quite sure what FOX has to do with the FSP coming to NH to preserve it as a freedom loving place to live) was indecipherable and made no sense and will be ignored. I guess my success at supporting myself was criminal because I didn't have to rely on your organized centralized nanny state? Whew. Criminal... absolutely outrageous! I must have hurt a lot of critters while managing to feed myself eh?

    MQ is considered an authority and is cited by the state itself. You on the other hand are a nobody.

    I understand perfectly the agenda and goals of the evil UN, as I am so close to this 'encampment' that I am here NOW. Firmly encamped. LOL

    As for hate crimes, you are walking hate crime because you hate anything that doesn't want to be counted, categorized, and taxed and owned by some central authority. Are you sure your name is not Leo Sandy? He's another nutjob that is ruining the minds of young people in this state!

    The answer to any problems we have in this state or country is not centralizing under your one-world wet dream communist utopian society. People who seek freedom, and the right to earn a living without gov't interference respect me, and not you. Suck it up.

    I WILL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Continued from above...

    #6 is more unintelligible nonsense that does not deserve a response. I don't know who 'Rush Limbaugh' is? Some guru of yours?

    I don't think I need hand dispensing with the likes of mini-totalitarians like yourself. I think everyone here is amused at your blatant lack of respect for freedom and contempt for success.

    Potential FSPers, Leo is a perfect example of the cancerous thought that has grown a tentacle in NH thanks to billions in outside money from dirty nazi sympathizers like George Soros. Please come help us eradicate it out won't you? You are needed here badly.

    Come soon!
    I WILL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • The kind of "freedom" you will "...fight for", history has proven well, is no freedom at all unless you view the last couple thousand years -of similar "freedom fighting"and this "success" and "health" you speak of- as having produced anything more than a greed machine rewarding the least of us at the expense of the rest of us.

    If this significant other, your ontological "doppleganger" Leo, whoever he is, is listening, he really owes me one for calling you out only to find that the FightForFreedom is EmptyOfViableSolutions or is it NoTolleranceForTheVarietyUponWhichAllSustainableLifeIsBased?

    Good luck killing and consuming your way to your NH survivalist, separatist, inbreeding, Revelations extopia "bro".

    PS: Sorry for trolling this forum for healthy debate, its unfair to play with minds so dead and ideas so spent.
    AlreadyFree, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • You said: "The kind of "freedom" you will "...fight for", history has proven well, is no freedom at all unless you view the last couple thousand years -of similar "freedom fighting" and this "success" and "health" you speak of- as having produced anything more than a greed machine rewarding the least of us at the expense of the rest of us."

    I'm sorry but FSP is not based on Marxism.. but on taking care of oneself and one's family first. If everyone did that we'd all be better off.

    You went on to say: "If this significant other, your ontological "doppleganger" Leo, whoever he is, is listening, he really owes me one for calling you out only to find that the FightForFreedom is EmptyOfViableSolutions or is it NoTolleranceForTheVarietyUponWhichAllSustainableLifeIsBased?"

    Your statement is again unintelligible. Solution for what? My solution is my choice. Why do you try to force people into YOUR 'solution'?

    "Good luck killing and consuming your way to your NH survivalist, separatist, inbreeding, Revelations extopia "bro"."

    No one said anything about being a 'separatist', just an individualist which is a right that everyone has, guaranteed by God and the Constitution. And certainly no one said anything about KILLING!
    Methinks you have a twisted paranoia of the courageous pioneers who value self-reliance. I am not sure how you worked 'killing' into that mix... whew!

    "PS: Sorry for trolling this forum for healthy debate, its unfair to play with minds so dead and ideas so spent."

    Sorry for responding to this troll... he's got quite a fertile imagination. He has us all "killing" now... and our ideas are dead and spent because they are not his ideas that he would wish to FORCE upon us, collectively.

    I WILL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • OK people, enough philosophical debate.

    Please keep comments here directly relevant to the pledge. One final comment in this thread will be allowed, but only to invite all those interested in continuing the debate to a more suitable forum.
  • IWFFFreedom,
    Thanks for an interesting exchange.

    I'll end on this one then:
    Its my read of our world history as well as of my own personal experience (living in different cultures for years at a time all round this planet for past two decades) that authentic personal and collective freedom (far more primary and causal than mere political freedom) requires so much more than a willingness (eagerness?) for this "fighting" you aggrandize in your nic here.

    Any future worth living will require a lot more tolerance and cooperation than propagation of further over-simplifications, the voicing of new versions of the same old and self-defeating us-vs-them type separatist ideas and goals.

    Anyway/Either way: what is true will be ultimately sustained and what is false will fall away....its just the journey -the time in between- that's the drama.

    Our "debate"/differences aside, may the most true, wise, and beautiful ideas will (soon) and until then...

    Best to you/yours.

    - - -

    Thanks for supporting/allowing, no small, digression/exploration of ideas here. I appreciate that the goal of this thread is not primarily the voicing of differences of opinion but the uniting of efforts towards your ends, so thanks for having allowed IWFFF and I the chance to see what value there might have been in a couple bank-n-forths.

    Best of luck in fulfilling those aspects of this endeavor which themselves genuinely serve the wellness of our planet and all life here.

    AlreadyFree, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • You had to get the last word, with one last jab eh?
    I am sorry but to insinuate that anyone who has committed to the NH way of life is somehow a 'separatist' is to misrepresent this movement to those who don't know what it's about. And to turn the words 'fighting for freedom' into a physical effort is also disingenuous and false. The people in this movement follow always the NAP. Your idea of tolerance and cooperation (redistribution of the wealth) we don't approve is our right.

    The movement is already working for those who are interested.
    I WILL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Mr. President,
    What has happened to us in the United States of America ? We, in regards to equality, do not up stand , our 9th Amendment,our United States Bill of Rights, Our United States Constitution. We, in regards to health care, do not up stand our United States Supreme Court findings, Roe vs. Wade. How did we ever get so far off track that we do not respect our United States great Documents ? I urge you bring a screeching halt, an executive order, to this grievous action of our United States Congress once and for all.

    Sincere Regards

    Roland D. Menard III
    Roland D. Menard III, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I wanted to ask for a bit of help if possible. I've been for some time now doing a lot of reading (started with 9/11 issues then one thing led to another) regarding liberty which led me to Ron Paul which led me to others which lead me to which led me here. I want to get involved somehow. Here's the dilemma: I am originally from Mass. Moved to NH back in 1994. It was HOME to me. Met my current husband there in 2001. Without all the details, through a lot of different events that took place in our lives, and after living a few years in Maine, we decided to move to Mass where I have family. That was 2006. It has been a miserable road and we regret ever leaving. We have been longing to come back that way but my husband has been unemployed and we are without a vehicle. In short, what I am asking is maybe some connection for job leads up that way where my husband can get connected with some people, work hard and eventually be able to move the kids and I back that way. We discussed this and he said he'd go yesterday just to be able to work. I know we are strangers but he is a hard worker and we love and miss NH terribly. Seeing you would like more people up there for the cause of liberty and I want to be involved in that cause, maybe someone could spread the word and we could look in to getting back that way. Anyway, our names are Jim and Theresa Cunningham and you can reach me at if you have any questions or would just like to talk and make sure this is legit.

    Thank you in advance! And for all your hard work to further the cause of liberty. I feel very proud to be a part of that, if only by moral support right now.

    Theresa & Jim, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Just signed the pledge! I'll be there in May of 2010. Just a few months away. Cannot wait!
    everett mckee, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Just signed, also created a caravan for people moving just before the deadline (Sep 2011). My link is the facebook page for this caravan. I hope some people will join and make this a memorable and well-publicized, moving event (pun intended).
  • Was a beautiful page. Thanks to the designers and managers...
  • Again, I would like to encourage anyone who has signed this pledge but has not made plans for when to move to consider joining my caravan. Let's wrap up the Next 1000 with a great caravan to freedom! Less than 1 year left now!

    I love this pledge - it is a bit ambitious and we may not get all the desired numbers but it is so helpful to have a deadline. in that sense it is much more realistic than expecting people to move without a deadline until 20,000 people have signed the FSP statement of intent. Thanks for starting this Max, and let me know if there is something I can do to help.

    If anyone wants to check out my caravan please click on my name to get to the facebook event page.
  • I'd like to point out that I didn't know that there was a 1000 trigger for this until I visited the site.

    I'm tentative on summer of 2011, but I'll certainly move if another 999 sign. Had I known this from FTL and the Ridley ads, I would have signed sooner.

    Just a thought for your consideration.

    Loring, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I agree it could be advertised more, but since there is also a move deadline, most people have been focused on that. Personally, I don't care about the trigger for my own move. I do want to use my liberty caravan to try to get more people to sign up.
  • As a NH Native...WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME FREESTATERS!!! Perhaps you can aid us in defending this state against the encroachment of so many from other "neighboring" states who flee to NH to escape the horrors they've created in their own states...only to continue to VOTE THE SAME WAY in NH, thus serving to fundamentally change the political and social landscape in the state to which they fled. There was a time when NH could boast that statistically, it was indeed the "freest state in the nation" but which has since, under leftist "leadership" fallen into the grip of government dependence and social decay. FREESTATERS...YOU CAN HELP US CHANGE THIS! NH might just be the "last, best hope" for this nation...COME ONE, COME ALL, TO NEW HAMPSHIRE and help us turn the political tide back to freedom, liberty, and true justice!
    Michelle, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • will you people just up and move already?

    It took me one year to sell my house and pack up my wife and two kids and live my home of 42 years. We need you now more than ever. If you are going to wait for some great opportunity to fall out of the sky and enable you to move then its never going to happen. Just go for it. You will not regret it. Thanks for the pledge, but if you are going to just talk and not do, then keep your words. We dont need words, we need people.
  • Hi Free Staters,

    I'm a Dutch national and one of the greatest Dutch admirers of the American Republic no doubt, as well as someone who believes in the necessity to divert from the use of the US dollar in favour of an independent currency like the Liberty Dollar in an independent Free State. As my dream was to one day mint my own currency and build new communities following the principles of the Founding Fathers, I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the Free Staters, and would like to know if there's a possibility for me to move to NH to join, and live and work with you. Please advice,


    Freyk Geeris
    Freyk Geeris, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Welcome Freyk, I recommend you check out the forum at You'll get a lot more people to respond to your questions there. It's true there are more issues for someone who is not in the US to move to NH, but some people from Europe have already made the move - you'll probably find some of them on that forum.
  • Good luck guys. If I thought I could get my house sold by the dead line I'd sign the pledge today.

    In the mean time keep some space for Jim + 5.
    Jim O'brien, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I'm lookiing at NH because i can no longer stomach living on Long Island in NY.It has become overrun with the most clueless,selfish,self centered,self absorbed scumbags you will ever have the misfortune to meet.The average mope in this pusshole will give up his freedom,heritage and culture for a football game,a six pack and a wide screen tv.It's disgusting!!!!!!
    William Bluemel, 5 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Please think about the effects of a thousand more people moving to new hampshire. I love the state of NH too much to not say this. Although the intent is noble, if you move here take care of your mess. We have enough homeless people of our own to take care of.
    T. M., 4 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • We have just two weeks to get more signers, as of this posting. Remember, if you intend to get to New Hampshire by September 2011 (or have made the move), you should sign this pledge straight away. Likewise, if you have friends or family who've agreed to come with, they are encouraged to sign also. Let folks know that you're coming and Lady Liberty is coming with you. We can't wait to see you folks here!
  • Good luck on the final push.

    Should anyone know a Non-free stater home owner interested in moving to Washington state via a house swap have them drop me a line.

    Think of the potential you could ship out a non-liberty vote in exchange for a pro-Liberty vote.
  • In response to T.M.:

    The FSP tends to draw people who believe in personal responsibility in all things. Many movers are bringing their businesses with them or opening new businesses in NH. Freedom and personal responsibility are inseparable. Yet, you will find that lovers of Liberty are quite charitable and creative in the way they help their communities.

    I encourage you to check out the NHLibertyCalendar*org Find an event that looks good for you to come out and meet a few FSP movers.
    White Marriott, 4 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Does anyone know why N.H.has not joined the lawsuit against Obamacare like 25 other states?Looking forward to some responses.
  • American people are sovereigns, but citizens are subjects. One might inquire at the local county courthouse law library to find how and when one surrendered the birthright of Our Creator, in exchange for privileges granted (and withheld) by government.
    If I am not mistaken, you will find it is your own consent that has been instrumental in the government's ascendancy over the people.
  • Attention everyone who is saying they will move once the housing market turns around. Do yourself and NH a favor and cut your losses. The housing market is not turning around. The bubble has not even completely burst yet and it is not going to re-inflate for a long long time. You will see hyperinflation before you see increased real estate prices. Cut your losses now, get what you can and start your new life ASAP, don't bleed to death.
    Ed Dantes, 4 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • @Ed Your probably right.

    I wish I could take that advice but my house is paid for and I have children.

    Anyone who is holding out should look in to house swaps imo.

    Look for people in NH who want to leave preferably non liberty minded folk and see if the want to swap dwellings.
  • To Ed Dantes,you could not have been more correct about the housing turnaround.These morons on Long Island still think it's 2006.You could not find a more clueless,selfish ,indifferent category of money-grubbing scumbags if you tried.As a real estate agent i deal with so many greedy,stupid people i'm ready to throw up.If you want to know why the country is going down the drain take a trip to scum island,i mean long island
  • The plans for the Next 1000 Liberty Caravan roll on! The liberty caravan moves out from the west coast on Tues Sep 6, 2011 and arrives in NH on Sat Sep 17. The caravan's website is back up at its new address, check it out at I've posted some new information recently, about 3 possible routes I am considering. I will decide on one route at the end of March. Before that, the location and number of people signed up will be a factor in my decision of which route to take. So sign up if you want me to come to your city! Signups are on the facebook page (my web site on this comment), or email Max if you don't have facebook and wish to join the caravan.

    Even though the pledge didn't get enough signers, I hope everybody here still plans to move. If you don't have other plans, I hope you will join this caravan and make it a great success. The last caravan had 8 people, let's see if we can beat that!
  • What an awesome concept, a State aligned to the founding fathers ideas of liberty. Back to the basics of the constitution - you have my support!
  • This sounds like a great initiative. I have been a NH resident my entire life, and it is a wonderful place to live. If anyone taking part in this cause is visiting NH, and would like assistance with either finding a rental, or a home to purchase, feel free to reach out to me on this thread. I am a local RE agent in the southern NH area, and happy to help if I can.
  • Click on my name for a new Liberty Caravan page where I have more control of the site. I will be putting up maps of potential routes and, between September 6-17 2011, documenting the move to the Free State. Please join!
  • Does anybody plan to move to NH in Sep? I'm about to choose my route but there's still time if you want the Caravan to come your way! Click on my name to access the website, which has a page where you can send me a message.
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