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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “NELAHomeReady”

"I will help house 10 of our most at risk homeless neighbors by May 1st, 2015 but only if 150 assessments are completed of our homeless neighbors, so that we have the vital information and link those most vulnerable to housing. By joining the NELA CES outreach team you will have the opportunitiy to get to know who lives in your community, hear personal stories, understand challenges and be part of a solution."

— Timothy McDaniel, CES Regional Coordinator, SPA 4 NELA

Deadline to sign up by: 21st February 2015
9 people signed up, 141 more were needed

Country: United States
Place: Los Angeles (view map)

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Creator Timothy McDaniel, CES Regional Coordinator, SPA 4 NELA
Date created 21st January 2015
Date closed 21st February 2015
Status closed; failed
Number of signers 9 / 150 (6.0% of target)
Estimated signers by deadline 9 (6.0% of target)
if signup rate continues as in last week
Categories Health

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