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Pledge “HoCRA2006”

"I will agree to give £1 (every 4 years) to finance political parties but only if 3 main political parties agree to pass THE HOUSE OF COMMONS REFORMS ACT 2006 (HoCRA2006), and if all the other voters will do the same. This means that 60 millions will be equally shared between the parties."

— Anne Lenoir

Deadline to sign up by: 1st September 2006
0 people signed up, 3 more were needed

Country: United Kingdom

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The British political system is too centralised to be efficient. A single individual (Prime Minister) should never be given the power to control all the political aspects of a country. It is undemocratic, oppressive and dangerous. It is like having an "absolute monarch" in power all over again. Even more when that individual's actions are associated with god's will.

There are two major problems with the current system. Firstly, there is no room for choice as most manifestoes offer the same policies. Political parties do not deliver on all issues individually but only on the ones they believe will have them elected. Secondly, very few people agree with all the policies of a party. In fact, we are more likely to only agree with 2 or 3 than them all. So why should we be compelled to accept policies we disagree with? This is undemocratic and unrepresentative of public opinion. We should vote for policies and not necessarily for a particular party, unless, of course, we agree with all of its policies.


- To have several independent governmnets elected by issues ( human rights, education, health etc...)


- Each voter will be given an Election vote form to fill with their names and signatures. To promote transparency and avoid a repeat of the last general election "postal fraud" fiasco, voters will have to keep a carbon copy of their votes.
On these forms they will find a list of issues and row of candidates. All voters will have to do is choose the party which best represent their views on each issues by putting a " X " under the name of the chosen party (only one cross by issue).
The party with the more votes on an issue (i.e: Transport) will be elected for Transport. Some parties will probably be in charge of more than one issue at a time.


- more choice ( can elect issues that best represent our views).
- more democratic ( more than one government elected at each election).
- more checks.
- more representative of public opinion.
- no more "cash for peerages" ( public funding).
- political parties forced to deliver on all issues individually and equally.
- political parties forced to look for alternatives.

To read the full HOUSE OF COMMONS REFORMS ACT 2006 visit:

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