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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “ArchivesNOLA”

"I will donate $10 to Kyle & Rebecca's New Orleans archive reclamation project but only if 49 other people will do the same."

— Andrea Wiggins

Deadline to sign up by: 31st October 2005
54 people signed up (5 over target)

More details
Kyle Conner & Rebecca Carter, MSI students at the University of Michigan School of Information,, have secured $500 of grant funding, from the Ginsberg Center for Service Learning, to make a week-long trip to New Orleans over winter break to reclaim archival materials from the mud.

Their goal is to take 4 - 6 students on their service project, but they need more funding. I'm a broke student, but I will throw in to DOUBLE their current funds if you will, too! I will put pledges in contact with Kyle & Rebecca to arrange delivery of funds.

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Andrea Wiggins, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Everett Wiggins
  • Jennifer Sharp
  • Noor Ali-Hasan
  • Sara Doan
  • Jessica L'Esperance
  • Dan Atkins
  • Wade Garrison
  • Chris Korintus
  • Andy Peterson
  • Brian Kerr
  • Rachel Pooley
  • Kathe Frassrand
  • Nisha Erinjeri
  • Elisabeth Jones
  • Madelyn Hawk
  • Paul Resnick
  • Stephen Riley
  • Andrew S. McLetchie
  • Michael Cohrn
  • Mary Ann Williams
  • Alexandra Rivera
  • Bill Madsen
  • Stacy Opalewski
  • Elizabeth Yakel
  • Nathan Bos
  • Libby Hemphill
  • Sue Schuon
  • Scott Berkley
  • Anna Falkowska
  • Beth St. Jean
  • Erin Passehl
  • Tammy Pettinato
  • Anna Osepayshvili
  • Erin Matas
  • Bill Wallach
  • Amanda Raklovits
  • Jonathon Baugh
  • Murph
  • Sara Alloy
  • Kaveri Misra
  • Lanell James
  • Ann Claflin
  • Susannah Livingood
  • Mary-Brook Todd
  • T. Aaron Wright
  • Lev Rickards
  • Shevon Desai
  • Tessa Betts
  • Sherry Conner
  • Allison Zaleski
  • Jodi Tyron
  • Rachel Hoover
  • molly kleinman
  • John Olson

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