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Pledge “Albaniabridge”

"I will donate £10 to the Albania Bridge Project but only if 30 other people will do the same."

— Rachele, Rachele

Deadline to sign up by: 30th August 2006
30 people signed up

More details
This project aims to raise funds to build a bridge in a small village in northern Albania. We need £14,000 and every little helps...See www.albaniabridge.co.uk for more details. Thank you!

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  • what this bridge will get to the community ?
  • Every year for a couple of months one half of the village is cut off from the road, school, market, and medical assistance: they are on the wrong side of a gorge, whose waters swell up swallowing the metal plank that currently serves as a bridge.
  • Hi Rachel - Has ERDB said 'no' to this? Have instituional routes been exhausted?
    Tom L, 8 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Hi Tom - the project is too small and localised, it doesn't meet their criteria as far as I can tell. As for local institutional routes, it seems those aren't viable either, unfortunately.
  • If its built the yanks will bomb it to hell in the future!
    Al Smith, 8 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Just checked the website...apparently the bridge is expected to be built in the spring of 2007. -Lilly
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Rachele, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Lauren
  • Ronan G. Hanna
  • Robert
  • Francis Irving
  • Christian
  • Eleanor Jubb
  • Mary Katherine
  • E. Ende
  • Charis Demetriou
  • Nick
  • Emily Shaw
  • Chris Welsh
  • Llukan
  • arlinda
  • Owais Rajput
  • Tom Wilkinson
  • Caro
  • Ruari Wilson
  • nigel seymour
  • ourmanintirana
  • Anila Mjeda
  • Jana Mills
  • bill toms
  • Robert Nagle
  • Ingrid BH
  • Ranj
  • 4 people who did not want to give their names

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